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Cayuse 424

Effective January 30th, 2023 the university will no longer utilize the Cayuse proposal submission system. 

If you have begun a proposal in Cayuse that you intend to submit, please be sure to submit it in Cayuse prior to January 30th (regardless if the proposal deadline is after that date) or begin your proposal in the alternative submission system as designated by the sponsor.  Other designated submission options are listed in the FOA (Funding Opportunity Announcement) to which you are applying. If you have any questions regarding your proposal submission options, please contact your SAM Administrator.

Cayuse 424 provides an industry-leading, cloud-based solution for proposal development and submission to It is touted nationwide by researchers and administrative staff for its ease of use and user-friendly interface.

UofSC researchers now have access to Cayuse 424, a new system that makes it easier to create fully developed, compliant and accurate proposals for submission to federal sponsors. The Cayuse 424 Proposal Preparation system is designed to provide faculty and staff with a mechanism to streamline the proposal preparation process by storing and auto-populating institutional information, budgetary calculations, and professional profiles for key personnel. Real-time validation allows proposal preparers to correct proposals as they go to ensure successful submission on the first attempt.

 Virtually, all funding opportunities are available  through Cayuse 424. It also interfaces with and supports proposals using and a variety of other federal proposal portals.  Cayuse is UofSC’s preferred method for submitting most federal grant applications and will become mandatory within the next year. Researchers are encouraged to access Cayuse and learn its many advantages. SAM will provide training and front-line support for the system.

  • Stores institution and personnel information for auto filling into the appropriate forms, which saves time and reduces errors.
  • Provides full support for 98% of opportunities on
  • Has an easily accessible solution for present and future budget calculations.
  • Supports Multi-project proposals.
  • Validates proposals against sponsoring agency mechanism guidelines and requirements.
  • Can copy proposals for resubmission, reducing data entry.
  • Has a transform function to transfer proposal information to a new proposal for a different opportunity.
  • Stores documents relevant to the proposal, making file search and communication easy.
  • Automatically integrates subaward budgets and personnel information with a prime proposal.

Most UofSC faculty will have a Cayuse 424 account pre-loaded in the system. 

To log in:

Note: If you are unable to log into Cayuse using the procedure above, please complete the Cayuse New User Account Request Form to have an account created.

Contact Beth Herron with the Office of Research and Grant Development at, to request hands-on training in Cayuse 424.

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