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Office of Sponsored Awards Management

USC Business Information

When preparing grant and other sponsored award proposals, researchers often are asked to include key institutional data like tax identification numbers or financial statements. This data is provided here for both the University of South Carolina (USC) and the South Carolina Research Foundation (SCRF).

This page lists basic business information on USC and SCRF, provided here for easy reference and incorporation into sponsored project proposals as needed.

USC Basic Details

  • Submitting Organization Legal Name: University of South Carolina
  • Type of Organization: Public/State Controlled Institution of Higher Education
  • Congressional District: SC-006
  • Authorized university signatories (including their delegees) for sponsored awards:
    • Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti, Vice President for Research
    • Thomas A. Coggins, Director, Sponsored Awards Management and Research Compliance
    • Brandi K. Boniface, Associate Director, Contracting and Compliance
    • Nida Reid-Williamson, Associate Director, Sponsored Awards Management
Number Type USC Numbers
South Carolina State Tax Number 7358-19
Human Subjects Federalwide Assurance Number (FWA) 00000404 
Animal Welfare Assurance Number

D16-00028 (New)

Legacy number - A3049-01

(Retained for life of Assurance)

Employer Federal Identification Number/IRS Number (TIN) 57-6001153
DHHS, NIH, PHS agencies and DOE Entity Identification Number (EIN) 1576001153A1
DHHS-PHS PIN (for use on USDA-NIFA proposals) D7220
DUNS Number 04-138-7846
CAGE Code 4B489

NAICS Code (North American Industry Classification System Code; Formerly SIC, Standard Industrial Code)

NAICS Code (Use this code for sponsored research applications/documents)





NIH Institutional Profile Number 820102
NSF Institutional Code 0034488000

USC Rates Relevant to Sponsored Awards:

General business address and contacts for official correspondence with SAM:
Sponsored Awards Management
1600 Hampton Street, Suite 414
Columbia, SC 29208
Phone: 803-777-7093
Fax: 803-777-4136
SAM staff email addresses

Sponsored project payment address:
The University of South Carolina
Grants & Funds Management
1600 Hampton Street, Room 612
Columbia, SC 29208


SCRF Basic Details

  • Submitting Organization Legal Name: South Carolina Research Foundation
  • Type of Organization: 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization
  • Congressional District: SC-006
  • Authorized SCRF signatories (including their delegees) for sponsored awards:
    • Kester Freeman or delegee
    • Kelly Epting
Number Type SCRF Numbers
DHHS, NIH, PHS agencies and DOE Entity Identification Number (EIN) 57-0967350
DUNS Number 11-131-0249
CAGE Code 095A5
NSF Institutional Code 5300011953

Mailing address for checks payable to SCRF:
P.O. Box 751475
Charlotte, NC 28275

SCRF financial contact and mailing address: 
Kelly Epting
Office of the Vice President for Research
Osborne Administration Building, Suite 202
Columbia, SC 29208

Phone: 803-777-8411


Office of Sponsored Awards Management

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