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My UofSC Experience is a collection of each student's records of experiential and co-curricular engagements managed in the BTCM system.

Students: You are the author of My 
UofSC Experience!

Your college experience is largely self-produced – you choose your major and you decide how much time and energy to invest in your coursework and in your involvement in campus activities.  The UofSC provides high quality academic programs and a rich campus environment with many opportunities to advance your learning and personal growth.  Faculty and staff will encourage and support you, but it’s really up to you to leverage the opportunities.  You are the author of your UofSC Experience.  How you choose to engage at UofSC – within and beyond the classroom – matters for your learning and success.

Your progress toward meeting course requirements in your degree program is already visible to you and your advisor in academic records and transcript.  Your involvement beyond the classroom in is now being made visible to you and your advisor, in order to support your educational planning and reflection on learning from all college experiences.  A new university information system, Beyond The Classroom Matters, makes your records of involvement in educationally purposeful programs and events – My UofSC Experience - available to you. 

These records will be helpful to you in thinking about what you have already done in college and what you still need to do, in order to plan and achieve your educational and career goals.  Additionally, next year you will be able to select records that you would like to share with a prospective employer or graduate school, and send an official university report (extended transcript) of these verified experiences such as internships, undergraduate research, study abroad, student leadership roles, involvement in student organizations, community service, and other purposeful engagement that shaped your UofSC Experience.  Having taken the time to reflect on all of your college learning experiences, you will be able to more clearly describe the knowledge and skills you gained in college and how those are transferable to the workplace.


What is Beyond The Classroom Matters?

Beyond The Classroom Matters (BTCM) is a supplemental student information system for managing records of students' involvement in experiential and engaged learning.  Records of student engagement in courses, programs, events and other Engagements – including those designated as Experiential Learning Opportunities – are available to students and advisors in BTCM. 

Experiential Learning Opportunity (ELO) Records  

Courses and programs are designated as ELO through a university review/approval process; information about approved experiences is recorded in BTCM. ELO course records in BTCM do not replace academic records of course completion; rather, records in BTCM provide supplemental information about students’ experiences (e.g., employer name and location of internships). 


Engagements include non-credit, educationally purposeful programs and events that have previously not been centrally documented in university information systems.  In BTCM, these programs and events are documented in catalog entries (similar to a course syllabus) and student participation is systematically monitored and recorded. 


You can login at and click on “View My UofSC Experience” under the Academics heading.  You will see a list of records that comprises the cataloged programs and events you’ve completed each term.  Each record is linked to a catalog description of the program or event.

Each student record is linked to a catalog entry that describes the educational purpose of the program and the knowledge and skills students practice and apply through their engagement.  These additional records are intended to help you reflect on your learning from these experiences and to guide planning for future purposeful involvement.  The information may be useful for advising conversations as it provides a more holistic view of your college experience.   

You’re familiar with expectations for involvement in academic coursework – you’re expected to attend class, complete assignments, read the textbook, prepare for class discussions, and so forth.

In addition, the university has expectations for beyond-the-classroom purposeful activity.  These are not requirements for graduation, but are recommended as students create their own UofSC Experience:

  • New students are expected to attend programs and events designed to help them find their way in the new college environment, learn to manage their own affairs, meet other students, and begin to build friendships and social networks.
  • All students are expected to engage in career exploration programs and events, in order to select or confirm selection of a major appropriate to their interests, abilities, and aptitudes, and to develop job search and career management skills for the future.
  • All students are expected to get help when they need it. As human beings, we all need help at some point.  For all college students, it is to be expected that a challenge of some kind will arise – perhaps concerning performance in courses, maybe an issue related to physical or emotional well-being, or other issue for which resources are available.  Get the help you need – we all need help, at some point.
  • College is a time for advancing self-knowledge and developing a sense of purpose and identity; students are expected to engage in ways that advance self-awareness, explore interests, and pursue passions, to help guide planning for career and life.
  • College is a time to practice and develop knowledge and skills for civic engagement and leadership, guided by the tenets of the Carolinian Creed. Students are expected to be active in their campus communities and make their voices heard through participation and leadership.
  • All students are expected to engage in Experiential Learning Opportunities, and many students will choose to pursue Graduation with Leadership Distinction.

You have the option to keep a record private, to “hide” a record from advisor/other view.  It is recommended that advisors have access to all aspects of your experience, in order to support you.  However, you may choose to keep a record private; you can select “keep this private” for any record and it will not be visible to your advisor.

You may wonder why some of your campus programs and activities are not included.  The system does not currently include all programs and events; the process of cataloging is underway and will take time to complete.  

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