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Office of the Provost

Planning and Assessment

APLs: Academic Program Liaisons

Academic Program Liaisons (APLs) are individuals who have been appointed by their deans to serve as the main informational resource on academic program actions within their campus, college or school. The APLs meet approximately once a month with the Associate Provost for Academic Programs as an advisory committee. If you have questions about any of the academic program policies, procedures or forms, contact your APL for more information.

College, School, or Campus Liaisons

Type College, School, Campus or Office Name Phone Keywords
(hidden column)
Academic Arts & Sciences Claudia Benitez-Nelson 803-777-0525  
Academic  Arts & Sciences Christeen Stephens 803-777-4517  
Academic Business Amy Lantz  803-777-4358  Darla, Darla Moore, Moore School
Academic Education Rob Dedmon 803-777-3570  
Academic Engineering and Computing Jammie Turner 803-576-6574  CEC,ENGR
Academic Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management David Cárdenas 803-777-5120 HRSM
Academic Information and Communications Rushondra James 803-777-7066 Journalism, Mass Communications, Library Science
Academic Information and Communication Kim Thompson 803-777-0224  
Academic Law Susan Kuo 803-777-3597  
Academic Libraries Sharon Verba 803-777-8173  
Academic Medicine - Columbia J.T. Thornhill 803-216-3600  
Academic  Medicine - Greenville Angela Sharkey 864-455-7992  
Academic Music  Clifford Leaman 803-576-5893  
Academic Nursing Alicia Ribar 803-777-4889  
Academic Palmetto College John Catalano 864-424-8019  
Academic Pharmacy Julie Sease  803-777-4826  
Academic Public Health James Hardin 803-777-3191  Arnold Palmer
Academic Social Work Terry Wolfer 803-777-9486  
Academic South Carolina Honors College Andrea Tanner 803-777-4979  SCHC
Campus USC Aiken Daren Timmons 803-641-3458  
Campus USC Beaufort Martha Moriarty 843-521-3137  
Campus USC Upstate David Schecter  864-503-5702  
Related Office or Committee Career Center Helen Powers 803-777-5653   
Related Office or Committee Faculty Senate Committee on Curricula and Courses Committee Chair Marianne Bickle 803-777-3805  
Related Office or Committee Graduate Council Courses and Curriculum Committee Chair Murray Mitchell 803-777-1418  Grad
Related Office or Committee Institutional Assessment and Compliance Sabrina Andrews 803-777-0395  OIRAA
Academic University 101 Dan Friedman 803-777-9506  
Related Office or Committee University Registrar's Office Aaron Marterer 803-777-1006  
Related Office or Committee University Registrar's Office Malia Kiehl 803-777-2808  
Related Office or Committee Distributed Learning Trena Houp 803-777-0460  

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