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Office of the Provost

Faculty Civility Advocate

The Opportunity

Applications are invited for the position of Faculty Civility Advocate.  The position  will be appointed by the provost in consultation with the chair of the Faculty Senate. The estimated time is approximately 10% effort. 

The Position

As a Carolinian . . . I will respect the dignity of all persons.

The University of South Carolina is committed to a civil, respectful environment in which members of the university community are open to individual differences. Accordingly, the faculty considers workplace bullying unacceptable.

The Faculty Civility Advocate (FCA) is a tenured faculty member who adjudicates complaints of workplace bullying in an independent and just manner.  See ACAF 1.80 [pdf].

Responsibilities of the FCA include responding to queries, reviewing initial complaints, meeting with individuals, investigating the faculty complaints, preparing reports, and providing presentations and workshops.  The person selected will be able to pursue training opportunities, especially in the first year.  The estimated time is approximately 10% effort.

The Application Process

Per ACAF 1.80 [pdf], the provost in consultation with the chair of Faculty Senate appoints the FCA.  In preparation for this process, we invite any tenured faculty member who may wish to serve in this critical role to submit a brief statement of interest to by September 24, 2018. 

Please do not hesitate if the Provost’s office can answer questions or provide any additional information.