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Office of the Provost

Provost Grants

Post Award Reporting

Grant awardees must establish an account upon receipt of the award letter and provide the department and fund to Mary Alexander ( in the Office of the Provost when the account is active in the system. One-time "A" funds will be transferred into the newly established account.

In the event a change to the approved budget is required for any reason, the change must be submitted to Mary Alexander via email for approval or denial.

To request approval for an extension, please contact Mary Alexander via email for approval or denial.  Be sure to provide specific details about why the extension is needed, as approvals are not guaranteed.  No project will be extended more than 12 months, or one extension.

Upon completion of the grant, the final report must be submitted via email to Mary Alexander. This should be completed no later than 90 days after the grant's end date.

Establish an Internal Grant Account

Complete the following steps to establish an account:

  1. Provide your department business manager with a copy of the award letter and the approved budget.
  2. The department business manager will request an account using the account memorandum [pdf] and submit the completed form to Susie Vitaris ( in the Budget Office.  General instructions to complete the account memorandum:
    • Provide department number and fund (Axxx)
    • Indicate the action intended is "Add"
    • Type of account is budgeted
    • Provide department chair name and principal investigator name
    • Indicate "no" for direct charges
    • Grant type is IGP
    • Enter the start and end dates per the award letter
    • Organizational code structure-
      • Campus: 10
      • Program: 20
      • Fund group: 1
      • Sub program: 22
      • Responsibility area: (based on unit)
    • Restrictions- leave this box blank
    • Description- enter the name of the internal grant that was awarded
  3. Once the account has been established, the department business manager should contact Mary Alexander ( in the Office of the Provost to initiate transfer of funds.

Final Report

The final report should be submitted to Mary Alexander ( no later than 90 days after the grant is completed.

The report format is two to three pages, 10 point font, one-inch margins and single-spaced.

The report should include:

  1. Name, department, contact information (phone, email)
  2. Name of internal grant program
  3. Grant proposal title and amount of award
  4. Copy of acknowledgement statement and other media notifications
  5. A brief description that includes accomplishments (activities and achievements of proposed outcomes); a summary of how funds were expended; overall progress; date of seminar or other presentation to department (include a copy of any flier or announcement sent to department members) or date(s) of conference with demographic details
  6. Include information about publications (journals, book contracts, articles) or exhibits/performances for creative works
  7. Include project outcomes and impact

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