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Office of the Provost

Women's Leadership Institute

Event Registration

May 1, 2019
University of South Carolina, Russell House

All About Me!


A light breakfast and lunch will be served during the event. Due to the fact that we have so many participants, we cannot accommodate each individual’s specific needs. Luckily, the event will be taking place in the student union in which many restaurants are available. We apologize ahead of time if we are unable to accommodate your needs but we have allotted enough time to allow participants to obtain food outside of the event and bring it back to the Ballroom where we will be eating.

Please be sure to bring a sweater or jacket. As with many conferences, it is difficult to adjust the temperature in the bigger rooms, so it may be a bit chilly. In addition, we ask that you wear your name tag from the institution in which you are affiliated.


WLI attendees may choose to participate in getting a headshot taken for LinkedIn  as well as other social media websites. A sign up list will be emailed to those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity prior to the event.





The Bull Street and Pendleton Street parking garages are recommended for visitor parking.

The Bull Street Parking Garage is located on the corner of Bull and Blossom Streets behind the Russell House. Due to construction on campus, visitors should turn onto Bull Street from Blossom Street and follow signs for visitor parking. Exit the parking garage via steps on the west end of the garage. Follow the brick sidewalk, veering right toward the patio entrance to the Russell House. Forum activities will be on the second floor of the Russell House. The rate in the Bull Street garage is $1/hour. Visitors should pay the parking attendant on the first level of the parking garage and get a parking ticket receipt prior to going to his/her car to leave.

The Pendleton Street Parking Garage is located on the corner of Pendleton and Pickens Streets and is accessible to the Russell House by walking through the scenic Horseshoe area on campus. Visitors can place quarters in the meter spaces or purchase an all-day meter card for $5.00. All-day meter cards should be purchased from the parking office located in this garage after 8:00 a.m. for placement in the car. Cross over Pendleton Street, walk through the Horseshoe, and cross over Green Street to get to the Russell House.


Inn at USC
1619 Pendleton Street
Columbia, SC 2920

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