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Leadership at Carolina

Spurred to Lead

Leadership has been defined in many ways and has taken shape in a variety of forms. However, if there is no concrete way to categorize these different definitions of leadership or evaluate them, leadership as a concept loses its impact.

How then does leadership take shape and make an impact at a place as large as the University of South Carolina? What makes leadership at the University of South Carolina distinct from leadership at other universities?

Spurred to Lead is a leadership framework created by students, faculty, and the Carolina Leadership initiative to best represent the unique leadership character of the University of South Carolina community. The Spurred to Lead framework is easy to understand and inclusive of distinct forms of leadership, making it an ideal representation of how leadership functions within the University of South Carolina.

Put simply, the Spurred to Lead framework defines leadership as a process, dividing it into three simple and equally important components: individuals, groups, and communities.

  1. An individual identifies a goal or interest and pursues it, and is therefore “spurred” to exhibit leadership by assuming control of their own life and becoming dedicated to actualizing personal change.
  2. The combined actions of individuals pursuing their own goals makes clear a number of common interests. Groups of individuals therefore are able to coordinate their efforts, working together to achieve than they would have been able to accomplish alone.
  3. Finally, the combined efforts of various individuals and groups motivates entire communities to coordinate and work together, creating better outcomes for society outside of the university context.

Leadership is already here and thriving at Carolina. Help us share how you’re #SpurredToLead and participate in the Carolina Leadership Initiative’s Inaugural Leadership Week to show your support!