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Office of the Provost

Minor in Leadership Studies

The Minor in Leadership Studies at the University of South Carolina, housed in the Department of Political Science, prepares students for a lifelong process of leadership development and action. Grounded in a rigorous and multidisciplinary course of study, the minor introduces students to a range of perspectives and models of leadership. These diverse approaches are unified by the goal of providing knowledge and skills that can assist students in promoting positive social change. Academic leadership training combined with the practice of leadership through the myriad of opportunities available at the university provides the foundation for successful leadership development.

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required from the following curriculum, which includes an introductory course, a second course (chosen from one of three core areas: public speaking, organizational/group dynamics, or management), an experiential course, and three courses from at least two of the following four categories: ethics, communication, diversity, and advanced leadership training. Coursework in at least two disciplines is required for the minor. Students must complete minor courses with a grade of 'C' or higher.

The content of each minor should reflect the student's interests and be developed in consultation with the student's academic advisor. To this end, courses with appropriate content may be substituted with approval from the advisor for the minor. Students may not count a course toward both their Carolina Core requirements and the minor.

Students are strongly encouraged to participate in USC Connect and to develop an e-portfolio reflecting their Carolina leadership experience.

For full course listing please reference the undergraduate studies bulletin.