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Off Campus Organizations

There are a variety of levels from which you can choose to get your message to our campus population. Please take some time to review and determine which partnership level best suits the needs of your corporate business.

Partner requests are closed

Please check back in the near future for updates. Current levels listed below are based on the 2021 Orientation year and are subject to change for 2022.


Partnership Levels

Entry Level ($0)

  • Half (1/2) page, full-color ad (provided by the partner) in Garnet Guide distributed to all new students and parents
  • Partner name displayed on the Campus Partner Map with a one sentence (10 words or less) description

Cocky Level ($2,000)
All the benefits of the Spur Level, plus:

  • Increase to one (1) page, full-color ad (provided by the partner) in the Garnet Guide distributed to all new students and parents
  • Opportunity to table at the Resource Fair during each Summer Orientation session: May 6 – July 30
  • Have your Partner name featured on our website

Gamecock Level ($4,500)
All the benefits of the Cocky Level, plus:

  • Increase to two (2) page, full-color ad (provided by the partner) in the Garnet Guide distributed to all new students and parents
  • Opportunity to table at the Resource Fair in both August and Spring Orientation sessions
  • Partner name mentioned on all Orientation program schedules for students and guests
  • Partner name and one sentence (24 words or less) description featured on New Student Orientation website
  • Personalized PowerPoint slide shown prior to the opening session during all Orientation programs (if orientation is in-person)

Carolina Level ($7,500)
All the benefits of the Gamecock Level, plus:

  • Promotional opportunity for bags, pens, freshman or transfer T-shirts, your own item, sponsorship of the freshman evening social, or sponsorship of a family lounge
  • Feature an introduction ( 40 words of less) on either student or parent emails (select one)
  • Social Media spotlight with direct tags
  • Opportunity to speak with our Orientation Leader staff (60 students) during training
  • Your logo on the inside-cover of the Garnet Guide to recognize partnership

Package Add-Ons

After selecting a partner level, partners have the option of choosing any of the following add-on options. While these are not required, we have found many partners enjoy these additional marketing opportunities:

  • Additional Garnet Guide Pages
    • Half Page: $1000
    • Full Page: $1800
    • Two Page: $3000
  • Additional PowerPoint Slides: 
    • One Slide: $400
    • Two Slides: $700
    • Three Slides: $900

Additionally, if you would like to have your PowerPoint slides or Garnet Guide spreads designed by our office, we are now offering this service for a “Design Fee”. This fee will be incurred upon request and may increase depending on the intricacy or demands of the design. Please note that requesting any changes or edits from previous Garnet Guide spreads and slides will result in a fee. Unless otherwise requested, all partners are responsible for producing their own spreads and PowerPoint slides according to our guidelines.

  • Garnet Guide Design Fee
    • Half Page: $100
    • Full Page: $150
    • Two Page: $300
  • PowerPoint Slide Design Fee
    • $50 fee per slide

Advertising Options

Various advertising options are available, depending on your partnership type and budget. The Orientation Resource Fair and the Garnet Guide are two of the best opportunities to get your message to our students and their families.

Garnet Guide

The Garnet Guide serves as the newcomer’s roadmap for their first year of college. Students and families alike utilize the Garnet Guide throughout Orientation and their college career to navigate campus and connect with the Columbia community.  This guide is distributed to every new student and family member that attends Orientation as well as several campus partners.

Impact Opportunity:

  • Print Copy and Electronic Copy

  • Distributed to 8500+ students, 6000+ family members, 80+ campus members, 50+ student leaders

Campus Partner Map

The Campus Partner Map is a quick and efficient way to showcase your business. Found inside the Columbia section of the Garnet Guide, it offers new students and families a glimpse into businesses that are close to campus.

Impact Opportunity:

  • Print Copy and Electronic Copy

  • Distributed to 8500+ students, 6000+ family members, 80+ campus members, 50+ student leaders via the Garnet Guide

Targeted Emails

Targeted Emails are sent to every new student and family member that registers and/or attends orientation. Pre-Orientation Communication includes important steps and expectations for New Student Orientation. Post- Communication includes a summary with links to resources from campus and the Columbia community. As a partner, you have the opportunity to create your own messaging that we will distribute via e-mail. Depending on your needs, you may choose to target family members before Orientation or after Orientation.

Impact Opportunity:

  • Direct Messaging

  • Sent to 8500+ students, 6000+ family members, 80+ campus members, 50+ student leaders

  • 90%-95% open rate

Orientation Resource Fair

The Resource Fair occurs during the summer. This is a great way to interact directly with new students and families. Through an interactive atmosphere, the Resource Fair provides you with opportunities to share your services directly with our guests.

Impact Opportunity:

  • Direct (in-person or virtual) Contact

  • Potential of 450+students and 400+ family members per day (during freshman sessions)

Orientation Leaders

Orientation Leaders serve as representatives for the University of South Carolina. They assist new students and families by providing advice and insight into the city of Columbia. They often share favorite restaurants, businesses, and things to do in Columbia with our guests. By interacting with our Orientation Leaders, you have the opportunity to highlight your business and share specific talking points which you would like them to share with our new students and families.

Welcome Slides

This will occur only if Orientation is in a face-to-face, in-person format. 

Welcome Slides are shown prior to every Orientation day. This means that out of a total of 13 two-day sessions, your slides are seen a minimum of 26 times in addition to our transfer sessions. There is no other formal programming occurring during this time.

Impact Opportunity:

  • Visual Opportunity

  • Seen by all orientation attendees (8500+ students, 6000+ family members, 50+ student leaders)

  • 31 opportunities to be seen throughout Summer Orientation Sessions alone (includes freshman and transfer)


Orientation advertisements will be for incoming freshmen and transfer students admitted for Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022. Please consider this when designing an advertisement for your department or organization.

 Items to Consider:

  • Family members are more likely to use the Garnet Guide and refer to it post-Orientation. Consider not only students but also families as target audiences.
  • Consider what messages are relevant to a new student in their first year and during Orientation.
  • Think of the Garnet Guide as a “Handbook to South Carolina” that students can utilize during their first year. While your spread should not be text-heavy, it should contain relevant information in a digestible manner.

 Your layout should include the following information:

  • Your Office Name
  • Contact Information (website, email, phone number, and address (if applicable)
  • Office-specific support services offered to new students and families
  • Explanation as to why your services are important to new students and families

 File Format and Printing

  • Submissions must be in a packaged folder that includes the InDesign file, PDF file, linked images and fonts. Please be sure to run spell check and preflight before packaging. Please note that Microsoft Word documents will not be accepted.
  • Each page of the Garnet Guide is 8.5”x11” in size with a ½ inch margin around each page. Please ensure all body is kept within the margin.
    • Half-page layout: 7.5" x 5"
    • Full-page layout: 7.5" x 10"

 Images and Graphics

  • Images in layouts should be 300 dpi/ppi resolution and in CMYK format with either .tiff or .eps, file extension (strongly preferred). Other file extensions that are accepted include .jpg.
  • Images should portray campus life, Gamecock spirit, and our student body. Please be aware of any images with too much orange.

 White Space and Borders

  • White space is encouraged. Ribbons/block can be utilized using the same secondary colors.
  • Borders, in secondary colors, are encouraged. These can be utilized for callouts, highlights, etc.

 PowerPoint Slides

  • Slides should be submitted in two different sizes, as our projectors vary depending on the location. If only one size can be submitted, the default should be Standard 4:3.
    • Standard 4:3
    • Widescreen 16:9
  • Slides can be submitted as either .ppt or .pdf extension. Any other file extensions, including .jpg, will not be accepted.

All submissions must be received by April 1 and are subject to review and the discretion of the Office of New Student Orientation staff.

If files are not in the proper format, we cannot guarantee clarity and resolution. No other formats will be accepted.

In order to reduce errors and increase consistency from page to page, we ask that you submit your advertisement via email attachment to

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