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Previous Offered Courses


BIOL 110 - General Biology Lecture and Lab

Biology 110 presents basic biological concepts and issues for non-biology majors.

ECON 224 - Introduction to Economics

Economics is the study of how individuals, firms, and societies make decisions under scarcity.

HRTM 110 - Introduction to Hospitality Industry

History, growth, developments, and future opportunities in the hospitality industry.

HRTM 260 - Hotel Management

Management of the lodging phase of the hospitality industry to include front desk, housekeeping, and maintenance areas.

HRTM 344 - Personnel Organization and Supervision

Recruitment, selection, utilization, and development of human resources; role of supervisors in management and personnel administration.

MGSC 290 - Computer Information Systems in Business

An introduction to the effective use of information systems tools in day-to-day business communications, analysis, and decision making.

MUSC 110 - Introduction to Music

Perceptive listening and appreciation of musical elements, forms and style periods, including composers’ lives, individual styles and representative works. Emphasis on classical music; jazz and American popular music included.

MUSC 210 - Understanding the Psychology of Music

Various psychological and psychosocial aspects of human musical behavior, including introductory musical acoustics, perception and cognition of music, music and the brain, music processing across world cultures, music and emotions, music and human health, music in social contexts, and principles of experimental design.

RETL 242 - HRSM Professional Communications

Theory, processes, and applications of professional communications.

RETL 250 - Sustainability in Fashion and Retail

Examination of concepts, practices, and opportunities of fashion sustainability (such as social and environmental responsibility) available to designers, developers and consumers.

RETL 261 - Principles of Accounting I

A study of the accounting cycle with emphasis on preparation and analysis of financial statements.

RETL 265 - Principles of Retailing

Management methods, location analysis, store organization, personnel, planning, buying and pricing techniques, and customer service policies for retail firms.

SLIS 202 - Introduction to Information Literacy and Technology

An introduction to the basic information technologies used in all types of information organizations and the essential concepts and skills needed for information literacy.

SPTE 110 - Sport and Entertainment in American Life

The American sport and entertainment enterprise: background, influences, and trends; collegiate and professional sport organizations; ownership and unionization; media portrayals.

SPTE 202 - Introduction to Live Entertainment Management

The study of underlying themes in entertainment management and its application to music, family shows, and other live entertainment business venues.

SPTE 320 - Sport and the Law

Laws and regulatory bodies affecting the management of sport personnel, facilities, and events.


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