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Gamecock Pantry

Our campus food pantry was created for students, by students. The pantry provides food assistance and other resources that enhance the community’s overall wellbeing.



The Gamecock Pantry provides access to food and toiletries in a free and confidential way to members of the Carolina community while creating awareness about food insecurity at Carolina.


The Gamecock Pantry will address University food insecurity needs and provide comprehensive food insecurity education to the Carolina Community.

Who does the pantry serve?

Any current student, faculty, or staff with a valid CarolinaCard can access Gamecock Pantry. Before picking up food, students will simply need to complete a brief, confidential form to register. Once registered, students can receive up to 15 food items per week, which will be available for pick-up during operating hours. Students may be eligible for additional aid if they have dependent family members in their care such as children. Proof of dependency will be required to receive additional aid.

Would you like to?

If you'd like to help with tasks ranging from preparing application materials to working a shift in the pantry, just complete the volunteer form.

TO MAKE A MONETARY DONATION. Please visit Giving and then complete the following steps: 

  1. Select Specify Your Gift box.
  2. Next, expand the Student Life program line.
  3. Select Student Affairs and Academic Support.
  4. Select Other and type Gamecock Pantry in the Other Area field below the donation field.

TO DONATE FOOD ITEMS. Before collecting cans, please email us at for collection information.

Current needs include:

    • pasta

    • pasta sauce

    • cereal

    • granola bars

    • macaroni and cheese

    • peanut butter

    • jelly

    • canned soup

    • canned fruit

    • snack Items (chips, cookies, etc.)

    • toiletries

    • fresh fruits and vegetables

    • dairy products

    • eggs

    • drinks

Executive Leadership Team

Gamecock Pantry was created by students, for students and is led by a volunteer team of student leaders.

Apply for 2019-2020

All members of the Gamecock Pantry Executive Board will be responsible for working collaboratively with members of the university community as well as fulfilling duties as needed for the overall success of the program. Each position has unique responsibilities and expectation that contribute to the overall success of the Gamecock Pantry.

  • Attend weekly team meetings
  • Attend important dates listed below
  • Host one shift per week in the Gamecock Pantry
  • Serve as an ambassador of the Gamecock Pantry to constituents
  • Troubleshoot issues that arise
  • Maintain consistent communication with the Leadership and Service Center staff
  • Participate in end-of-semester performance review with supervisors
  • Friday, April 19, 2-3 p.m. - Gamecock Pantry Exec Transition Meeting
  • Wednesday, August 21, all day - all LSC peer leader training
  • Weekly Service Leader Training- Fall 2019 (all semester), Tuesdays from 3-4 p.m.

(The overseer of all operations and conduit to professional staff)

The Executive Director will oversee and manage the overall operation of the Gamecock Pantry by working collaboratively with LSC staff, monitoring other executive board members, and ensuring all objectives are reached in a timely manner.

  • Create agenda, facilitate, and disseminate notes for weekly meetings
  • Conduct weekly pantry check-ins to ensure all operations are running smoothly in the pantry
  • Communicate weekly with LSC staff to keep them up-to-date on operations
  • Delegate tasks to other executive members, and ensure they are carried out effectively
  • Hold self and other executive members accountable for assigned tasks
  • Critically problem solve
  • Work independently, requiring little management

(The Teacher, Advocate, and Expert)

The Director of Outreach & Education will be in charge of advocating for the pantry and educating the community on both the pantry and food insecurity as a whole.

  • Contribute in weekly meetings
  • Speak confidently in groups and effectively convey the mission of the Gamecock Pantry
  • Facilitate trainings and create educational materials
  • Create and maintain community partnerships
  • Critically problem solve
  • Serve on the LSC Food Insecurity Planning Committee

 (The Backbone, Brains, and Problem-Solver)

The Director of Operations & Logistics will be responsible for managing and maintaining the daily functioning and systemization of the pantry.

  • Contribute in weekly meetings
  • Create, implement, and maintain systems of input and output
  • Track expired foods and their rotation and replacement
  • Compile up-to-date donation needs list
  • Maintain cleanliness, organization, and logistical functioning of the pantry
  • Delegate and monitor volunteer shift tasks
  • Manage new-donations
  • Critically problem solve

(The Face, Voice, and Customer Satisfaction Representative)

The Director of Communications, Marketing, and Media will run and maintain all of the social media and communications for the pantry.

  • Contribute in weekly meetings
  • Keep up-to-date and relevant Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram posts
  • Maintain and respond to all Gamecock Pantry emails
  • Field and re-direct questions and concerns to the appropriate party
  • Create and disseminate graphics for all pantry events and signage
  • Maintain and promote an inviting, warm, and wellness-centered message to clients and partners
  • Critically problem solve

(The Organizer, Trainer, and Staffer)

The Volunteer Coordinator will coordinate, train, and supervise all panty pals and volunteers

  • Contribute in weekly meetings
  • Track volunteer hours
  • Create and maintain volunteer schedules
  • Serve as main contact for volunteers
  • Staff special events with required volunteers
  • Train volunteers and hold them and yourself accountable
  • Critically problem solve

(The Sales Person, Inventory, and Distribution)

The Donations Coordinator will be responsible for creating and maintaining donation partnerships, asking for donations when in-need, and coordinating pick-up and drop off of donations.

  • Contribute in weekly meetings
  • Sign weekly DAF forms
  • Serve as touchpoint for new and existent donors
  • Disseminate and gather donation requests
  • Work closely with operations and volunteers to ensure donations are picked up and received
  • Critically problem solve

Direct all questions to Lacie Rhoden at or Madison Stephens at



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