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International Student Services

The Career Center

As an international student, your career exploration journey looks different than most students at the University of South Carolina. You may face certain challenges such as immigration restrictions on work, finding  a job related to your major, looking for jobs both in the U.S. and your home country, and facing cultural differences in the job search, resume, and interviewing process. However, as an international student at the University of South Carolina, you are not alone! Both the ISS Office and the Career Center is here to assist you as you determine your career path and maximize your employability.

Make sure to take advantage of the Career Center's resources. Just remember that if you do get a work opportunity, talk to ISS to get authorized for CPT or OPT first!

Career Center Coaches can work with you to help you register in the Community Internship Program or Co-op, which will enable you to seek CPT authorization. Career coaches well-versed in international student employment can advise you on job hunting strategies for non-immigrant students within the U.S.

While we at ISS help you gain the proper work authorization that enables you to work in the U.S., the Career Center will help you gain important interviewing, resume, and networking skills so you can navigate the job search process with confidence and expertise.

Career Center Resources Specifically for International Students

  • Employment Workshops on Resume Writing, Networking, Interviewing, and the Job Search
  • Access to websites that allow you to search for H-1B employers, such as h1visajobs.come and

Explore the Career Center's website for yourself!

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