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Human Resources and Payroll Project


A full range of training activities is underway, and a full set of learning resources is available to everyone – so that people are well prepared when the new HR/Payroll system goes live. 

Resources by Role

Get tip sheets, job aids, recorded webinars, eLearning and more – tailored by role.
      Employees (Faculty, Staff, Student Employees) • Managers, Supervisors
      HR Contacts • Business Managers • Student Hire Representatives • Approvers

Course Offerings
Includes upcoming trainings and webinars.

Roster of HR Trainers
Meet the HR professionals who are training and supporting their colleagues in using the new system.

Our Approach to Employee Readiness

Tailored Training

End-user training is tailored to the learning needs of each audience. Employees work through practical and relevant situations as they explore their role in the new system. Training is designed to provide employees with the confidence they need to do their jobs well on day one.

Types of training:

  1. Train the Trainer – For individuals who will lead classes for staff in HR, Benefits and Payroll
    • This is required classroom training for those selected to be trainers.
  2. Core User Training – For staff in HR, Benefits and Payroll who will be working in the new system on a daily basis
    • This is instructor led training for staff involved in full time and part roles in the areas of HR, Benefits and Payroll.
    • On-line simulations and printable job aids are sorted by role.
  3. Self Service Training – For faculty, staff, student employees and affliliates
Role-Based Training

Role-based training ensures that the right training is provided for the right role, and that training is well aligned with the university’s business processes.

Just-in-Time Training

If you have ever attended a training session weeks before actually using the information you learn, you know what happens: the knowledge you gain in class can become a distant memory by the time you put your fingers to the keyboard. Just-in-time training is far better. It provides training right before you use it on the job, so you get immediate hands-on practice and reinforcement.

Train the Trainer

In support of knowledge transfer to USC personnel, we have built a team of trainers to provide both instructional leadership and support after go-live. 

Training Methods

A variety of delivery methods are being used. The selected method for each role-based course is based on audience need, size, complexity of the content and course length.

  • Classroom Setting: Instructor-led training with-hands on exercises in a PeopleSoft training environment reinforces the learning 
  • Adobe Connect: Used to deliver role-based training to larger audiences, with recorded webinars posted to this site to make the information widely available 
  • On-Demand eLearning: Job aids and online simulations are easy to access using the eLearning resources at this site – all available by clicking on these role-focused web pages
  • Refresher Sessions and Ongoing Learning: Training opportunities will continue to be offered after the new system is implemented

Human Resources and Payroll Project

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