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Division of Human Resources

COVID-19 Information for HR Contacts

HR Contacts are a critical resource in distributing critical information to employees and responding to questions at the unit level. These tools were created to support your efforts.

Return-to-Work Notice Templates

Deployment Teams

Each unit will identify deployment teams responsible for answering questions and serving as the primary contacts for communications within the unit and for determining the needs of the unit as the plan progresses.

Each deployment team will have an HR Point-of-Contact [pdf].


Transitioning Personnel Back to the Workplace

During the spring and summer departments and administrative units have developed plans for a phased return of personnel to support the return of students to campus and sustain university operations. Throughout this process units have been directed to take appropriate steps to protect members of the campus community who are at higher risk and are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 and its effects.  Units have also been encouraged to be aware of the constraints created by limited availability of child care and modified schedules of K-12 schools.

As we make final preparations for the return of students to campus, units should continue to use these priorities to guide their decisions about when specific personnel should return to the workplace.   Units must balance both institutional needs and the concerns of each employee.  Within the context of operational requirements and the specific duties of a position, units should assign priority for continued remote work as follows: 

1. For individuals who are vulnerable or at high risk or who live with or care for individuals or high risk, every effort should be made to continue remote work or provide other acceptable accommodation.

2. For individuals who have child care responsibilities units should provide opportunities for remote work or modified schedules to provide flexibility while child care facilities and K-12 schools operate under COVID-19 conditions as operational requirements allow.

3. Other requests for remote work should be evaluated in the context of unit staffing requirements.

While we would like to be able to honor every request for continued remote work, that may not be possible in every situation.


Remote Work

As the university enters Phase 4 of the Return to Work Plan you may have employees who continue to work remotely during some or all of their work hours as a consequence of their own health risk, the health risk of others they live with, their child care responsibilities, or the nature of their work. 

Be sure the right documentation is completed for staff and administrators who are working remotely. 

  • A Temporary Remote Work Authorization form should be completed for employees working remotely during the fall semester. 
  • A Temporary Remote Work Authorization form should be completed for each employee who would normally be covered by the telecommuting policy (staff and administrators) and who will be working remotely for one or more days each week this fall.  Temporary remote work authorizations are not required for faculty.

    The  authorization form does NOT need to be returned to Human Resources. Schools, colleges and administrative units may establish their own guidelines for where these documents are stored.  

    Additional written documentation should be prepared to document any university owned equipment that the employee will be using at their home and the standard days and times that the employee and supervisor have agreed upon for remote work.  This can be documented via e-mail communication and updated as needed, but these elements of the plan must be agreed upon in writing. 

    An authorization form should be completed for each employee who will be working remotely by August 31, 2020.  These plans may remain in effect through December 31, 2020.

     Staff and administrators who will be working remotely on a long term basis, beyond December 31, 2020, need to complete a formal telecommuting agreement in accordance with the telecommuting policy.


May 20, 2020

May 13, 2020:



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