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Division of Human Resources

Position Descriptions

Follow these guidelines to develop an inclusive position description that explains the duties and responsibilities of the position.

What is a Position Description? 

The position description explains the duties, working conditions and other aspects of a job, including the competencies needed to perform the job's essential functions. Position-specific competencies are determined through the process of job analysis, and are documented in the Position Description (PD) form. These competencies form a basis for recruiting, hiring, training, developing and managing the performance of employees. 

Developing an Inclusive PD

  • Avoid including job requirements that artificially narrow the pool.
  • Identify what success looks like in the position and then list only those qualifications that are essential to successfully performing in the role.
  • Include job duties that perpetuate the UofSC commitment to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Non-essential qualifications can hinder certain demographic groups from applying to positions. For example, research shows women are less likely to apply for positions unless they meet 100% of the qualifications, while men will apply if they meet only 60% of qualifications.

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