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Division of Human Resources


From opportunities like retirement and career advancement to more unfortunate circumstances such as a reduction in force [pdf], there are a variety of reasons that employees leave the university.

Whether you are leaving as a result of an exciting opportunity, or your circumstances are involuntary, we have developed an exit interview process, designed to gather information about the reason(s) for a person’s departure and to provide an employee a forum to share feedback about the work environment, culture, processes and systems, management and professional development opportunities.

It is our hope that the information obtained through an exit interview or questionnaire may be helpful to the employee so that concerns can be addressed, transition details can be carefully reviewed and improvements can be implemented — as a growth opportunity for the employee, and by the office or department through employee feedback.   

Exit Interview Options

Two approaches may be taken in obtaining separation information so that the employee can feel more comfortable openly expressing concerns or providing feedback.

  1. An online exit questionnaire. 
    Once the Division of Human Resources is notified of an employee's separation, the Employee Relations Office will provide the departing employee access to an online questionnaire, which requires a password and is voluntary to complete. The Division of Human Resources receives and maintains all responses to the questionnaire. There are two different surveys for employees who are separating employment:
    • One survey is designed for faculty
    • One survey is designed for classified and unclassified staff, and research grant or time-limited staff

  2. A one-on-one exit interview may be conducted with the departing employee. 
    Departing employees may contact an HR representative from the Employee Relations Office to request a one-on one exit interview. If the departing employee is a faculty member, a representative from the Provost Office is available as necessary to conduct the exit interview.


Confidentiality is an important factor in the exit interview process. However, if an exit interview or questionnaire indicates that a reportable problem such as threats in the workplace or charges of sexual harassment is occurring, it will be the responsibility of the individual conducting the interview or collecting the questionnaire data to follow appropriate University policy in reporting such concerns or violations.

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