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Division of Human Resources

Leave Transfer Pool

The Leave Transfer Pool is just one way that employees generously support one another through tough times.

UofSC has established a Leave Transfer Pool [pdf] to which faculty and staff members may donate annual or sick leave. Employees who are experiencing a personal emergency that do not have enough leave to cover their absence from work may request leave from the pool. 

Donating Leave

Faculty and staff can only carry forward 45 days of annual leave and 180 days of sick leave into the next calendar year and any excess leave is removed from their account. Instead of losing that leave, employees have the option to donate up to one-half of the annual leave and one-half of the sick leave they are eligible to earn in a calendar year, as long as they keep at least 15 days of sick leave in their account.

If you would like to donate leave to the Leave Transfer Pool, please complete the Leave Donation Request (P-71) [pdf]. Leave donations must be made by the deadline that is established in December each calendar year. 

Requesting Leave

If you are experiencing a personal emergency requiring time away from work for which you have no paid leave, you may request leave from the Leave Transfer Pool by submitting a Request for Leave Transfer (P-72) [pdf] to your department head. The request must include an explanation of your personal emergency, and a brief leave history explaining the reason there is insufficient leave to cover the time needed.

Once your department head reviews your request and makes a recommendation of approval or disapproval, they will forward it to the Division of Human Resources for final approval. 

If your request is approved, your department head is required to complete a Return from Leave Notification (P-73) [pdf] once you return to work, your personal emergency ends, or you terminate from employment. Any transferred leave remaining in your balance must be restored to the leave pool.

All requests should be sent to the Division of Human Resources, located at 1600 Hampton Street, Suite 801, Columbia, S.C. 29208If you are an employee with one of our campuses outside of Columbia, please forward your requests to the Human Resources Office on your campus [pdf].