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FIG (First-Year Interest Group)

Several of our learning communities across campus have smaller clusters of 19 students living in close proximity that relate to the theme of the larger learning community. Students who choose to apply for a FIG community will have the opportunity to live with students who have similar majors and academic interests, enroll into a University 101 Course and three additional courses that are a part of their degree seeking course progression. Members of a FIG will have the opportunity to connect with a mentor team of students, faculty and staff during a scheduled seminar meeting time. Students can select a FIG as their learning community choice on the second part of the housing application.

Communities with FIG's

Business Community

FIG focus: Forecasting & Communication
FIG focus: Market Analysis & Awareness

Visual & Performing Arts Community

FIG focus: Visual Arts, Theatre & Dance

Carolina Men/Women's Community

FIG focus: Gender & Society

Sport & Entertainment Management Community

FIG focus: Sport Management
FIG focus: Entertainment Management

Journalism & Mass Communications Community

FIG focus: Media & Society

Outdoor Adventure & Recreation Community

FIG focus: Outdoor Adventure; Outdoors in the Palmetto State

How To Apply

Space in First-year interest groups (FIG's) is limited each fall.  Students interested in participating in a FIG within their community should express interest on their Housing Application or you can express interest now.