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What Type of Housing is Best for Me?

Heading to Carolina is filled with some big decisions. One of these is where you will call your home away from home as a new Gamecock. Our guide is full of information to help you select a residence hall that best fits your needs.

Traditional-Style Residence Halls 

Cost: $
Campus Location: Throughout campus
Traditional residence halls offer the most quintessential freshman-year experience. These residence halls feature more social interaction as restrooms and lounge spaces are shared and located on the hall versus in the individual bedroom. Students often keep their doors open, providing ample opportunities to interact with other students and build lasting community.

Bates House Ι McBryde Ι South Tower

Pod-Style Residence Halls 

Cost: $$
Campus Location: Campus Village
Pod-style living involves approximately students living in interconnected rooms. Each room is either a double that will open to a shared community area. Pods also feature community living spaces, private studies and community study areas.  The kitchen one each floor will be equipped with refrigerator, stoves, microwaves and other appliances. Each  pod will have shared private bathrooms on the floor.  A single shower, sink and toilet will be in separate, private bathrooms.

Campus Village Building 1

Suite-Style Residence Halls 

Cost: $$
Campus Location: Throughout campus

A suite-style residence hall can be an ideal compromise between community and apartment-style housing.  These suites typically feature two bedrooms joined together by one bathroom, adding a level of privacy and personal space compared to traditional-style living. Suite-style residence halls typically feature a community kitchen located on each floor or in a central location of the hall, as well as living areas and study rooms that are perfect for meeting others and completing classwork.

Campus Village Building 2 Ι Campus Village Building 3 Ι Campus Village Building 4 Ι Capstone Ι Columbia Hall Ι Honors Residence Ι Maxcy Ι Patterson Ι Preston Ι Women's Quad

Apartment-Style Residence Halls 

Cost: $$$
Campus Location: Throughout campus

Apartment-style residence halls are ideal for students looking for a private living space.  These halls allow you to share a living space with other students similar to the traditional and suite-style residence hall while maintaining the desired personal space. Apartments typically feature several bedrooms with private bathrooms and kitchen. Because apartment-style halls have a common living space, students can study in their rooms while keeping study and sleep separate.

Bates West Ι DeSaussure Ι East Quad Ι Green Quad Ι Harper-Elliott Ι Pinkney-Legare Ι Rutledge Ι South Quad Ι Thornwell 

Affiliated Apartment-Style Residence Halls 

Cost: $$$$
Campus Location: Vista Side of Campus

Affiliated apartment-style residence halls have all of the same features and benefits of apartment-style living: several bedrooms and private bathrooms, shared living spaces and kitchens, private study rooms. In addition, these apartments typically offer high-end amenities including full beds, TVs, workout rooms, study lounges, yoga rooms, pools, golf simulators and so much more. (Note: Certain amenities may not be available due to COVID-19 restrictions).

650 Lincoln Ι Park Place Ι YOUnion

*Payments, leases and other rules may vary from other University Housing residence halls.

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