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Rooms and Roommates

First-year students can request to room with a friend or browse profiles to find a potential roommate match.

Finding a Roommate

You'll choose roommate options as part of your housing application. First-year students can only request one roommate. 

Requesting a Roommate

You'll add your preferred roommate to your housing application in the section set aside for roommate requests. To be assigned to the same room, you and your preferred roommate must both request each other.

Information You'll Need

  • Correct spelling of your roommate's first and last name.
  • Your roommate's middle initial. 
  • Your roommate's university email address exactly as it appears on Self Service Carolina.

If you are the first to make the roommate request, you will be told that your roommate has not applied. Don't panic. Review your application later and make sure your roommate's application has been submitted. 

Getting Your Requested Roommate

We can't guarantee to assign you a specific roommate but do our best to honor requests whenever possible. For the best chance of getting your preferred roommate:

  • Make sure you've both requested each other as a roommate.
  • Both students should have a paid application on file before roommate assignments go out in July.
  • Match up your residence hall preferences.


Room Assignments

Log in to Self Service Carolina to view your room and roommate assignment. Housing assignments start in July.

All first-year students who apply by the May 1 deadline are guaranteed a room.

If you applied for housing by May 1, you'll be able to see your housing assignment starting in July including your:

  • Residence Hall
  • Room Number
  • Roommates or Suitemates

Contact your roommate and/or suitemates and introduce yourself. You can click on their information to contact them via Self Service Carolina, or email them at their university email address. 

Applications are first sorted by living and learning community applications, common course selections and general applications. Then they're sorted by date of application within each type.

Assignments are made in this order:

  1. Living and Learning Community Applications
  2. Common Course Applications
  3. General Applications

If the first residence hall you requested is full when we get to your application, we'll proceed to the next one. We continue this process until all assignments are made.


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