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Rooms and Roommates

First-year students can request to room with a friend or browse profiles to find a potential roommate match beginning March 10, 2020.

Finding a Roommate

As part of your housing application, students will create a profile and screen name for the roommate matching system. Students can go back into their application on March 10 to begin searching for roommates.

Contact your roommate and/or suitemates and introduce yourself. You can click on their information to contact them via, or email them at their university email address.

Applications are first sorted by living and learning community applications, common course selections and general applications. Then they're sorted by date of application within each type.

Assignments are made in this order:

  1. Living and Learning Community Applications
  2. Common Course Applications
  3. General Applications

If the first residence hall you requested is full when we get to your application, we'll proceed to the next one. We continue this process until all assignments are made.

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