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Faculty and Staff

Kaidi Fenrich

Title: Assistant Residence Life Coordinator, Honors
Department: Residence Life
Phone: 803-576-5713
Office: Honors Residence
Get to know your Assistant Residence Life Coordinator Kaidi Fenrich:
  • "What are your hobbies?" -  Aerial yoga, crafting, reading, and writing poetry.
  • "What's your favorite TV show?" -  Game of Thrones
  • "What's the single best day on your calendar and why?" -  Halloween because it is the absolute best holiday.
  • "If you could be any flavor of ice cream, what would it be and why?" - Americone Dream because I LOVE waffle cones.
  • "What's worth spending more on to get the best?" - My grandfather and uncle are jewelers and they taught me the value in spending more on a piece that is carefully constructed to last for generations to come.