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Cody Dunlap

Title: Residence Life Coordinator, Columbia Hall
Department: Residence Life
Phone: 803-777-7483
Office: Columbia Hall
Headshot of Cody Dunlap

Get to know your Residence Life Coordinator Cody Dunlap:

  • "What are your hobbies?" -  Reading, Movies, Enjoying time with family and friends, Trying new foods or food places!

  • "What's your favorite TV show?" -  Criminal Minds, Blue bloods, and Hawaii 5-0.

  • "What's the single best day on your calendar and why?" -  Wednesday! Its a "success day!" You can tell yourself that you have accomplished so much on Monday & Tuesday and that its all smooth sailing into the weekend!

  • "If you could be any flavor of ice cream, what would it be and why?" -  Cookies and Cream! It is the best!

  • "What's worth spending more on to get the best?" - Presents for others! When you are showing someone that you love and care for them you want to give them the best!

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