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SPTE 410

Sport and Entertainment in Popular Culture

This course investigates - primarily through films, literature, and discussions - sport and entertainment as a critical facet of society.

Purpose: The purpose of the course is to train students to examine the role sport and entertainment plays in American society while enhancing their understanding of the portrayal of sport and entertainment through film and literature. Students will be required to analyze assigned films, books, and other materials with a critical perspective.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Critically evaluate sport and entertainment literature and film’s portrayal of selected themes.
  2. Describe the way that selected sport and entertainment films portray positive and negative aspects of society.
  3. Compare selected sport and entertainment films with accurate historical events.
  4. Explain how sport and entertainment both unifies and segregates individuals, social classes, racial and ethnic groups and competing loyalties.


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