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Education Abroad Office

Universidad de Sevilla

Area: Global Exchange
Location: Sevilla
Country: Spain
Term: Spring, Fall, Academic Year

!!THIS EXCHANGE HAS CLOSED AND WILL NOT BE AVALIABLE FOR THE SPRING 2024 SEMESTER!! Students wishing to study abroad in Spain are advised to meet with an education abroad advisor to explore other options. 

Thanks to 500 years of history, the Universidad de Sevilla offers students a rich expierence in Spanish culture. Located on the picturesque Guadalquivir river on the southwestern region of the Iberian Penisula, Seville is a large cultural hub known for being the birthplace of Flamenco. With over 700,000 inhabitants, Seville is the fourth largest city in Spain and is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A mix of modern architecture and ancient Roman history, Seville is an up and coming location for students to study in!


Ranked 1st in Spain for their Mathematics and Food Sciences and Technology programs, USC's Global Exchange program in Seville is designed to expose students to the life and culture of the Spanish people. Students studying at the University of Seville will have the opportunity to take courses taught in historically and archeticually rich buildings located within the city. Made up of historic buildings and more than 80,000 community members, the Universidad de Sevilla is quintessential Spanish culture, offering a model for the modern Spanish and European university system. 

Cost: USC resident tuition rates + in-country costs

Requirements: minimum 3.0 GPA, 2 or more 300-level Spanish courses


!!THIS EXCHANGE HAS CLOSED AND WILL NOT BE AVALIABLE FOR THE SPRING 2024 SEMESTER!! Students wishing to study abroad in Spain are advised to meet with an education abroad advisor to explore other options. 

Students on exchange  will pay in-state tuition directly to USC. All housing, food, and personal expenses, including housing, meals, books, and independent travel are paid by the student in Seville. Plan to budget for airfare, accommodation, living expenses, personal expenses, and textbooks. On average, students spend about €635/month on all expenses. To gain an idea of​ ​costs you may encounter on site, the numbeo website indicaties the typical  cost of living in Sevillia compared to other cities in the world.

The majority of courses offered are taught in Spanish, but courses taught in English are available. 

To see courses USC students have taken at this university, please reference the Registrar's Course Equivalency Table

While the exchange program does not provide for organized excursions, there are many student organizations, events, and facilities that students can get involved with and which may include travel in their activities. Seville is also home to a city of historic and modern amenities and attractions, as welll as sport facilities for students to get engaged with Spanish sport culture. 

Students who are interested in cultural opportunities can engage with the Center for Cultural Initiatives

Per university policy, all USC students will be charged for  emergency medical, evacuation and repatriation insurance of  for their time abroad. Students will be enrolled in this insurance by the education abroad office prior to their departure. Contact the Education Abroad Office for more details. 

Universidad de Sevilla does offer options for housing within Residence Halls and off-campus options as well. Housing on campus is not guarenteed. 

The official school year and mandatory orientation begin in early September, with the Fall semester concluding early January. The Spring semester commences mid-Feburary and concludes in June.

Mandatory orientation for all international students will take place upon arrival to Universidad de Sevilla.

Students who attend the University of Sevilla for a semester or academic year are required to obtain a Spanish visa. Students must appear in person at the Spanish consulate or embassy. The Spanish consulate in Miami, FL is the closest consulate to South Carolina. Planning ahead is vital as each consulate and embassy operates on their own timeline. 


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