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Division of Information Technology

Future Planning

The Future of UofSC IT 

In order to improve service and efficiency, IT units across the system are coming together as one UofSC IT organization. Several studies have shown that we have the right number of IT employees and the right amount of IT budget. The people and monetary resources oversight and coordination to allow for optimization. IT units across the system must work together to better leverage shared resources.

UofSC IT will focus on three concepts:

  • Agile unit-based support for multi-modal education, learning spaces, faculty research, and specialized unit goals
  • Comprehensive, central-based support for common services, infrastructure, security, service management, and planning  

  • Governance-based processes driving investments, focusing on re-investing cost-savings in technologies and personnel that serve the goals of the institution

The Plan

We need to establish goals and initiatives that better utilize people and resources. We must improve the overall IT capabilities across the system to allow for easier management, standardization, and a generation of more value for the university. It will not be a fast process and it will take coordination, time, consideration and immense planning. Here are some preliminary details:

  • Evaluate and realign personnel resources to address strategic priorities and shared services across the university system
  • Position personnel to take advantage of new opportunities
  • Ensure individual units have mission-critical support closest to the needs of the units
  • Evaluate and augment existing procurement policies and procedures
  • Leverage IT governance bodies to ensure broad participation and input into how funding is invested in technology


The Timeline

1-9 months (September 2020 to May 2021)

  • Assess existing staff against required knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Coordinate IT hiring processes to align with strategic priorities
  • Establish a comprehensive roadmap for the consolidation of overlapping services and personnel
  • Redeploy desktop, classroom, teaching/learning support to provide an improved experience for students and faculty
  • IT 1.00 to address procurement, planning and justification
  • Technical Review Board to address business case, financial planning and strategic goals
  • Reconstitute IT governance groups for oversight

9-18 Months (June 2021 to March 2022)

  • Continue execution of teaching and learning strategies, goals and objectives
  • Continue realignment and optimization of support staff as required to meet university and unit missions, goals and priorities
  • Implement Anytime, Anywhere strategies for classrooms, research, computing labs and extended teaching environments
  • Start systemwide strategic planning for technology and personnel
  • Implement project management for all major projects for all units

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