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The Division of Information Technology

Digital Etiquette

General Tips

“Digital Etiquette”
A Prezi slideshow with embedded videos covering cell phone, email, and social media etiquette.

“Digital Business Etiquette”
A short blog post with four points for how to professionally conduct oneself when using email, mobile devices, video conferencing/Skype, and Twitter.

“Digital Etiquette”
A comprehensive list of etiquette tips are given under categories for email, phone, and social networking.

“Online Etiquette”
Nine tips are listed to help participants in distance and online learning courses.

Mobile/Cell phone Etiquette Tips

“Modern Etiquette: Mobile manners for cellphone users”
The president of The Protocol School of Washington (PSOW) offers the “do’s” and “don’ts” of using cell phones.

“Civility in the Workplace: 4 rules for cell phone etiquette in the office”
A short post describing four primary rules for using cell phones at work.

Email Etiquette Tips

“Email Etiquette”
Two sections of What to Do and What Not to Do with email are listed.

“Email Etiquette”
Standard protocols for creating and managing email are suggested.

“E-mail Guidelines and Etiquette”
Virginia Tech’s Career Services provides advice that details how to properly use the features of email such as font size, subject lines, signature blocks, attachments, etc.

“E-mail Etiquette - Adapted for Academia”
Students are given advice for emailing their professors.