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The Division of Information Technology

Gartner Research Available for @UofSC

Gartner research is available to all faculty, staff and students at any University of South Carolina campus.  

Gartner is a highly regarded resource.  Aligned with the mission of Fortune 500 companies and the top tech vendors, Gartner research helps executives stay ahead of the technology curve and best position their firms for success where analytics, security breaches and the “Internet of Things” have created new and unique challenges and opportunities. University textbooks typically take 18 months to create and publish, Gartner research is published every day. Gartner also produces lists of new, emerging technologies and vendors that students may want to work for after graduation. Many campuses are offering courses in Business Intelligence/Analytics, Cloud Technologies, CIO skills, Digital Management, etc., and using Gartner research for both classroom material and special projects.

Intended for the purpose of enhancing the teaching and learning experience, Gartner provides students and faculty with instant access to the world's foremost repository of expert analysis and opinion on everything important in IT including insight on technology current trends, information technology careers, cool vendors, technology enabled business strategies and more...all from a global perspective.

Benefits to faculty include:

  • Stay current with the rapidly changing IT industry—and your students
  • Ensure your relevancy in the classroom with fact-based data you can trust
  • Enrich your students’ experience with insight into the use of technology and solving business problems

Some topics of interest for Gartner current research:

    • The Internet of Things and its impact on existing and entrepreneurial businesses
    • Challenges businesses face when trying to “go digital”
    • Information Security as a key issue at all American businesses 
    • Business intelligence and analytics and how companies are using data creatively to create, develop and retain clients and markets
    • Predictive analytics and how AB testing is creating new customer experiences
    • “Digital Moments” that businesses use to capture market share global impacts of technology on business strategy and operations
    • Procurement strategies and best practices for Vendor Management for accounting professionals
    • Strategies for business and technology leaders in streamlining operations and cutting costs

To access or learn more about this service, visit: