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The Division of Information Technology

New DOIT Leadership Structure Announced

Doug Foster, vice president for information technology and chief information officer, announced a new leadership structure for the Division of Information Technology (DOIT) that is designed to garner broader involvement in the decision making process, and ultimately provide improved service to customers. The new leadership structure will become effective on May 16, 2017. Following the restructuring, the majority of DOIT employees will still report to the same person they reported to prior to the reorganization; leadership roles are simply being readjusted.

The new leadership team for the DOIT will include:

Deputy CIO - responsibility for the full and successful implementation of PeopleSoft for finance and human resources across the university system. Jeff Farnham will remain in the position of Deputy CIO.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)/Relationship and Risk Manager – oversight of the information security program, as well as the new responsibility of Relationship and Risk Management. James Perry will remain in the position of CISO.

Chief Data Officer – provides system-wide leadership for governing university data and information assets to ensure the availability of data for making decisions that support the mission, goals and strategic priorities of the university. Dr. Mike Kelly will remain in the position of Chief Data Officer.

Executive Director of Project Management and Service Delivery - a director will be hired to oversee both the DOIT Project Management Office and the Service Management department.

Executive Director of Business Operations – oversight of business operations, human resources, and facilities for the division. Bob Swab will remain in this position.

Executive Director of Research Services - oversight of high performance computing research. Dr. Phil Moore will serve in this position.

Executive Director of Infrastructure Services – leader will oversee networking, communications, Data Center, telephony, and other services formally under the direction of both Communications Infrastructure and Data Center Services. Position will be advertised in the near future.

Executive Director of Application Services – oversight of the IBM/USC partnership. Randy Shelley will remain in this position.

Executive Director of Instructional Services – leader will be hired to oversee teaching and learning initiatives, academic technology initiatives, Blackboard, and classroom technologies.

Director of Communications - plan, develop and direct strategies for all public information and communication efforts for the division and oversee of a comprehensive IT governance structure. Michelle Foster will remain in this position. 

The position descriptions for the three vacant leadership roles are under development. Committees, composed of both division employees and others across the university system, will be developed to interview for each vacancy.

Foster said more engagement from a broader representation of the university is imperative for the success of the division. He plans to introduce an extensive IT governance structure in the fall semester, to ensure transparency in financial and staff allocation.