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The Division of Information Technology

New High Performance Research Cluster Available

A powerful new High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, Hyperion, is available to faculty and students at the University of South Carolina.  Hyperion is the newest addition to the University of South Carolina HPC cluster environment.  This 300 TeraFLOP* cluster offers both dedicated resources to research groups and shared resources to the community. USC computational capabilities have increased from 500 to 6,760 compute cores that include powerful Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) and Big Data nodes connected by a very high- speed 100 Gigabit/second network. The cluster is managed by Research Cyberinfrastructure and funded by the Office of the Provost. It enables leading-edge research capabilities in computer modeling and simulation. A greatly accelerated time-to-results give researchers a significant advantage when competing for grants or publishing results in many areas such as bioinformatics, computational chemistry, materials fabrication, and nuclear engineering. 

*300 TeraFLOP = 300 Trillion Floating Point Operations per second