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The Division of Information Technology

Partnership with IBM, Fluor approved by Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees approved a partnership with IBM and Fluor to develop the Center for Applied Innovation at the University of South Carolina.

The Center for Applied Innovation will be a public/private partnership to stimulate economic development and advance higher education. The initiative will enhance the educational programs offered at the University of South Carolina, provide internship opportunities for students, and develop focused activities that will nurture the linkage between classrooms and careers.

"This is a partnership in the truest sense," said Bill Hogue, USC's vice-president for Information Technology and CIO. "This will raise the bar of our services substantially while at the same time allowing IBM to open new market segments."

Under the agreement, the management of Enterprise Application services at the university will transfer to IBM. University Technology Services will retain management responsibility for IBM's performance of application service delivery, while continuing to manage commonly used services such as email, Blackboard, the Service Desk, telephone, data communications and video operations. This partnership will raise the bar substantially in the quality of services our customers expect to receive.

This collaboration between IBM, Fluor and USC is part of an ongoing effort to expand and strengthen student skills and their understanding of applied computing in order to meet the growing demand for highly skilled IT professionals and business leaders. USC's strength in innovation, research and IT excellence perfectly compliments IBM's history of collaborative research. IBM has chosen USC as a premiere partner in taking the next step towards fostering end-to-end education by creating a Center where students learn, work and are then able to join the workforce and make real contributions to the IT industry in South Carolina.