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The Division of Information Technology

Mid-Project Analysis of OneCarolina Indicates Project is on Target

Stakeholders continue to see the benefits of the OneCarolina project, according to an analysis conducted by Collegiate Project Services last fall.

OneCarolina is a multi-year project with the goal of modernizing, streamlining and enhancing the University of South Carolina's digital community. The project will integrate and link the university's eight campuses.

Collegiate Project Services conducted a mid-project review that focused on stakeholder beliefs about the OneCarolina project. Data was gathered between September and November 2012 through focus groups, structured interviews and online surveys. The university was scored on 14 specific factors related to the project.

Stakeholders indicated that OneCarolina's biggest strength was work ethic among employees. They also said the ability of OneCarolina team members to work well together and overall organization of the project were also strengths. Stakeholders expect OneCarolina to improve functionality/needs, improve access to data, provide a program that is easier for the university to support, and will lead to greater efficiency and productivity.

Dr. Edwin Cornelius, founder of Collegiate Project Services, said the University of South Carolina system as a whole supports the OneCarolina project. His report indicated that team members are dedicated to ensuring the project's timely implementation and have a strong ownership in the project, both factors that will help ensure success.

Cornelius indicated that stakeholders want ongoing training to ensure the learning curve for the new system is as minimal as possible. They also want post-implementation support to be a high priority.

Jeff Farnham, deputy chief information officer, said these concerns will be addressed and there is a plan in place that will address the need for both ongoing support and post-implementation training.

Farnham said the accomplishments on the OneCarolina project have been impressive. More than 22,300 students registered for more than 106,000 courses using OneCarolina last week. While some issues did arise, overall the registration process went smoothly and was successful. He said the program has been successful and well-received overall and cited a recent editorial by the Daily Gamecock that said, "It's a huge improvement over the old system."

The OneCarolina project will be fully implemented in 2015, following the integration of university human resources, payroll and finances into the central system. For more information, visit