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The Division of Information Technology

Frequently Asked Questions


How may I learn more?

Visit here for further information about the announcement. New information will continue to be posted at

Will staff from University Technology Services (UTS) be affected?

Seventy-three positions were transferred from UTS to IBM on January 1, 2015. Staff who chose to transfer will continue to provide customer support from 1244 Blossom Street.

Will IT support and service be affected?

Under the agreement, the management of Enterprise Application (EA) services at the university will transfer to IBM. The portfolio of EA services includes applications supporting the following business operations;

  • Student Information Systems
  • Data Warehouse
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Application Engineering
  • Database Administration
  • Human Resources, Payroll & Finance Information Systems
  • Application Support (i.e. other off the shelf applications)
  • Application Integration and Administration
  • Web Development
  • MS SharePoint Administration

Management responsibility will remain with the university for the PeopleSoft implementation of OneCarolina. Support will transition to IBM after the project goes live and a stabilization period has passed.

When will the transfer of staff and responsibilities take place?

The effective date of the partnership is January 1, 2015.

Will there be an impact on service, support, and business continuity?

Business continuity will be unaffected. There will be no immediate changes in current processes or work practices. Customers will continue to operate as they have in the past.

What happens during the remainder of the fiscal year?

By contract, USC and IBM will engage in transition activities for five months, concluding at the end of May 2015.

  • In January, meetings will be scheduled with customers for detailed discussions about how services will be handled in the future. No changes in current customer processes or work procedures will take place in January.
  • From February-May 2015, USC and IBM will work together to establish and formalize new application support processes such as how incidents, changes and service requests are managed. As processes begin to change, feedback from customers will be solicited regularly and training will be provided as necessary.

Who are the affected staff?

HR information about the employment status of specific individuals is confidential. All affected staff were offered options for continued employment.

Where should I direct additional questions about the Center for Applied Innovation?

Randy Shelley of University Technology Services will serve as a single point-of-contact for customers. He may be reached via or (803) 777-9936.