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Term Definition
Cassandra Cassandra is a type of database platform designed to store massive amounts of data across numerous machines.
Cognos® Cognos is a suite of software tools from IBM that enables users to access and run reports, create new reports and conduct analytics operations.
Dashboard dashboard is a web-based interface that graphically shows the status of an organization's key performance indicators. 
Data Mart  data mart is a data repository that acts similar to a data warehouse, but which contains smaller data sets and serves a particular group and purpose.
Data Warehouse data warehouse is an institutional data repository where data is collected, organized, and stored for subsequent use.
Hadoop Hadoop is an open-source programming framework developed to store and process massive amounts of data.
R R is a software environment used for statistical computing, data analysis, and making graphics from those statistical computations.
Relational Database  relational database is the most common of database designs and which is based on 3 underlying principles:

1. Data is stored in rows and columns to create tables (tabular data)
2. The data is manipulated by a semantically-precise computer language (most often this language is SQL: Structured Query Language)
3. The tabular data is independent from the physical components on which it is stored (making the queries that manipulate the data easier to create)

SAS® SAS refers to the company that makes analytics software and the actual software itself. In reference to the software, SAS enables statistical analysis, business intelligence operations, and other advanced analytics operations.
SPSS® SPSS is a collection of analytics software made by IBM. One of the key uses of SPSS is for predictive analytics.
SQL SQL stands for structured query language. It is the standard computer language used to interact with relational databases.
User Interface user interface is the part of a software system or hardware product that the end user interacts with.