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The Division of Information Technology



Cognos® is a suite of software tools from IBM that enable users to access and run reports, create new reports and conduct analytics operations. USC currently has several of the tools available and plans to incorporate more in the future, as indicated in the table below:

Tools currently available at USC Purpose
Cognos® Connection Used to run reports and access saved reports
Query Studio Used to create less complex ad-hoc reports
Report Studio Used by trained report authors to create more complex ad-hoc reports. The trained report authors can also create reports for other users to run.
Analysis Studio A Web-based tool used to explore, analyze, and compare pre-aggregated data
Tools not yet available at USC Purpose
Metrics Studio Used to monitor and analyze key performance indicators so an organization can track its own performance
Event Studio Used to create algorithms that continuously monitor organizational data and search for unusual business events. When an event is detected, the algorithm can react by performing tasks like sending e-mail notifications or running reports.
Workspace A Web-based tool used to create interactive workspaces with data from Cognos and other external sources as needed
Workspace Advanced A Web-based tool used to run reports and perform advanced data exploration