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The Division of Information Technology

Teams and Personnel Resources

Personnel/Group Role
Analytics Community of Practice A university-wide group of individuals involved in analytics that learns from and shares with each other their efforts to develop quality analytics operations at USC.
Business Analyst A person who identifies needs and refines requirements to ensure the desired outcomes of an issue are met. In a formal analytics project, the BA would:
  1. Work with the SME to improve the identified requests
  2. Assist the SME in writing the project request
  3. Conduct quality assurance reviews
Chief Data Officer  The person who manages the portfolio of approved or pending analytics projects. The Chief Data Officer works with Data Stewards, the Oversight Committee, and others to address issues that arise with analytics projects. The CDO is tasked with improving data policies and procedures, as well as data quality and integrity.
Data Architect A person with the technical expertise to identify source data and manipulate it so that it can be analyzed. In a formal analytics project, the Data Architect would:
  1. Identify data sources
  2. Design the data mart architecture
  3. Oversee the Extract, Tranform, and Load (ETL) process to populate the data mart with data
Data Modeler  
Project Manager A person who oversees the lifecycle of a project and is involved with coordinating the work of people involved in the project.
Statistical Analyst A person with a background in statistics who selects appropriate statistical methods to analyze the data collected for a project. 
Subject Matter Expert (SME)  A  person who has extensive knowledge about a particular field, topic, or domain. In a formal analytics project, the SME would:
  1. Pose the initial question
  2. Develop the specifications for the project request
  3. Define the desired Key Performance Indicators and project outcomes