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CSCE 590 – Special Topics: Big Data Analytics

This course covers foundational techniques and tools required for data science and big data analytics. The course focuses on concepts, principles, and techniques applicable to any technology environment and industry and establishes a baseline that can be enhanced by further formal training and additional real-world experience.

MGSC 877 - Advanced Business Analytics

STAT 535 - Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis

Principles of Bayesian statistics, including: one- and multi-sample analyses; Bayesian linear models; Monte Carlo approaches; prior elicitation; hypothesis testing and model selection; hierarchical models; selected advanced models; statistical packages such as WinBUGS and R

STAT 704 - Data Analysis

Probability concepts, inferences for normal parameters, regression, correlation, use of computer statistical packages.

STAT 705 - Data Analysis II

Continuation of STAT 704. Analysis of variance (fixed and random effects), analysis of covariance, experimental design, model building, other applied topics, and use of computer statistical packages.

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