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Division of Information Technology

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

FAQ for IT Contacts

When does the IAM project go live?

The current plan forecasts a go-live date of April 1, 2019 to coincide with the launch of the university's HR/Payroll project.

How will I look up an identity?

Identity lookup functionality will be provided through the OIM Console.  Instructions will be provided prior to go-live.

How will we manage Administrative accounts?

Administrative accounts will need to be migrated into OIM as new identities (new USC IDs). 

What are the new rules for university-issued email addresses for new students, faculty, staff, and affiliates?

The new email addresses will be issued in the following format:

<USC Network Username>@<University Email Domain>

  • <USC Network Username> - the Network Username will be system generated using the legal first, middle, and last name. 

  • <University Email Domain> - The email domain will be automatically assigned based on the type of relationship the individual has with the university (student, employee or affiliate) and what campus they are associated with.

What email domains will be allowed?

The following table outlines the email domains that will be assigned to individuals that are introduced to the USC system after project go-live.

Types Campus Assigned
<University Email Domain>
 Employee or Affiliate  Beaufort Campus
 Employee or Affiliate  School of Medicine Greenville
 Employee or Affiliate  Upstate Campus
 Employee or Affiliate or Student  Aiken Campus
 Employee or Affiliate or Student  School of Medicine
 Employee or Affiliate  All Other Employees
 Student  Beaufort Campus
 Student  Upstate Campus
 Student  All Other Students
What will happen to Guest/Retiree Accounts?

As long as these accounts have a uscEduStatus = 1,2, or 3, they will not be disabled but will age out on their expiration date.

When do Guests accounts need to be migrated to Affiliates?

Guest accounts will need to be migrated to Affiliate accounts by February 1, 2019.  To perform the HR Affiliate process, go to the HR Toolbox website. (scroll down the page under "Hiring" to find "Affliate Appointment")