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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Faculty and Staff Groups

Faculty and staff have numerous opportunities to share expertise and influence the culture of diversity and inclusion on campus.

Use these campus resources to support your personal and professional needs and to enhance to your professional growth and development as teachers, researchers, mentors and leaders.

Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee

The president's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee is a cross-section of faculty, staff and students, and was established to provide direction to Chief Diversity Officer John Dozier and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. They represent your voice as members of the UofSC community, so please contact one of the committee co-chairs with any diversity-related questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

Black Faculty Caucus 

The Black Faculty Caucus of the University of South Carolina exists to promote a strong sense of community, professional welfare, professional development and advocacy for Black faculty and the issues and/or university communities that concern and affect them. 

Faculty Welfare Committee 

The Faculty Welfare Committee considers university policies and the enforcement of policies regarding the welfare of the faculty, such as faculty salaries, other compensation and benefits, and any matters affecting the workplace environment.

Interfaith Advisory Council 

For more information about the Interfaith Advisory Council, please contact:  

Megan Colascione, coordinator
Phone: 803-777-6688

Jewish Faculty and Staff Council

For more information about the Jewish Faculty and Staff Council, please contact:

Adam M. Schor, Ph.D., convener
Phone: 803-777-1690

Latino/a & Hispanic Faculty Caucus

The Latino/a and Hispanic Faculty Caucus (LHFC) of the University of South Carolina (USC) is an advocacy and leadership organization.  It was established April 2016 to address critical issues in higher education that focus on the recruitment, retention, promotion, and advancement of Latino/a & Hispanic faculty at the University of South Carolina.

Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues (PACWI) assesses current policies, recommends new policies and procedures, focuses on areas that need improvement and provides opportunities to enhance the quality of USC's campus community.

Queer Faculty and Staff Caucus  

For more information about the Queer Faculty and Staff Caucus, please contact: 

Ed Madden, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-777-4008

Council of Academic Diversity Officers

Each college or school has a diversity officer who reports to the dean. Diversity officers develop and implement unit-level strategic plans for diversity and inclusion focusing on composition, achievement, engagement and inclusion as the attributes of their inclusion efforts. Unit-level diversity officers also work closely with the university's chief diversity officer as (collectively) the Council of Academic Diversity Officers to support and advance university equity, inclusion and diversity efforts.