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Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Cultural Exploration and Global Studies

We represent diversity and inclusion through academic offerings, activities and initiatives around campus. 

There are a number of academic programs dedicated to the study, research and understanding of how cultures all over the world have had an impact on history and modern society. Led by passionate faculty, scholars and experts, these courses of study open our eyes and broaden our perspectives.

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad program here at USC houses the M.O.S.A.I.C. (Meaningful Opportunities for Students to Achieve International Competencies) Initiative was developed to make studying abroad a reality for all students, including those with high financial need or stringent major requirements; first-generation college students; and minority students. The M.O.S.A.I.C. Initiative consists of three key elements, that combined, work to address the varied needs of these students: outreach and advising, international programming and scholarship support.

Phone: 803-777-7557

African American Studies

The South Carolina African American Studies is a vibrant and growing center of research, teaching and community outreach.

Kendra S. Albright, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-777-0090

Asian Studies

The South Carolina Center for Asian Studies was established in 1994 as a focal point for promoting research, teaching and service on international and cross-cultural issues and problems in Asia.

Michael Gibbs Hill

European Studies

The South Carolina European Studies program encourages research, teaching and academic programming with a focus on Europe and the European Union.

Doyle Stevick, Ph.D.
Phone: 803-777-4158

Islamic World Studies

The South Carolina Islamic World Studies program focuses on those countries and regions in which Muslims constitute either the majority of the population or form a significant minority group.

Caroline R. Nagel
Phone: 803-777-4970

Latin American Studies

The South Carolina Latin American Studies program is an interdisciplinary, broadly based undergraduate degree program that offers courses in Latin American history, politics, anthropology, geography and literature.

E. Gabrielle Kuenzli
Phone: 803-777-2872

Russian and Eurasian Studies

The South Carolina Russian & Eurasian Studies program sponsors lectures and offers and undergraduate minor that highlights research and study of Russia and neighboring countries.

Alexander Ogden

Southern Studies

As the state where the Civil War began, South Carolina has always been at the forefront of the history of the American South. The Institute for Southern Studies (ISS) at the University of South Carolina helps tell this important story.

Robert Brinkmeyer
Phone: 803-777-2340

Women’s and Gender Studies

The Women's & Gender Studies is an exciting interdisciplinary field of study. It offers a wide variety of topics ranging from women's health, to literature, to globalization. The program uses gender and it's intersections with race, class and other important categories of identity and difference to understand the lives of women and men.

Ed Madden, Ph.D., director
Phone: 803-777-4008