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Carolina Food Co.

Our Team

Elizabeth Sudol

Title: Honeycomb Café, The Buzz, Café Verde
Executive Chef
Carolina Food Co.
Office: 1215 Blossom Street
Colombia, SC 29201
Chef Liz Sudol standing outside Honeycomb Cafe

More about Liz:

Chef Liz Sudol was born and raised in Litchfield County, Connecticut. Growing up, Chef Liz was surrounded by food enthusiasts, and attended the Lincoln Culinary Institute in Hartford, CT. Finishing top of her class, Chef Liz was invited to join the International Culinary Program, where she spent a semester abroad in Savona, Italy working in a Michelin Rated Restaurant. After returning stateside, Chef Liz spent four years working at top-rated catering companies in the Northeast. In 2017, she switched gears and worked in corporate dining before moving south to escape the long, cold winters of New England and joining the team at UofSC.

What is your favorite memory associated with food?

Every day in Italy was a culinary adventure, from the time my chef ran out of rosemary so he hopped the fence to the neighbors garden and stole some, to the seafood so fresh it was, at times, still alive when it came into the kitchen. I never became fluent in Italian, and my chef mentor was far from fluent in English. We had a charades-like system of communication. I'll never forget the day, Chef came running into the kitchen. "LIZA, COME QUICK!" Shocked, I rushed out of the kitchen behind him. "LOOK, THE TRUFFLES!" As I turned the corner into the dining room, covering the entire 10-foot farmhouse table were freshly foraged Black Truffles. The pungent smell; the old farmer and his dog. Hundreds of them, some the size of baseballs. The diamonds of the food world just sprawled across the table. It was surreal. Massy, my chef, and I just stood in awe of these magnificent tubers. It was a moment that language was no longer a barrier and both of us knew exactly what the other was thinking: "We're eating good tonight." 

What advice do you have for anyone learning to cook for themselves?

Have fun with it! Food is a staple of life and something most people can relate to and enjoy. Practice makes perfect. Everyone had to start somewhere. Cooking has a lot to do with technique and method. Start with something easy and perfect it. Make it your own. Then keep making it better. 

What is a fun fact that the students should know about you?

My other passions in life are animals and nature. Outside of the kitchen, you can find me exploring with my Rottweiler or riding my horse. My bucket list consists of kayaking the Glaciers of Alaska and diving the Coral Reefs of Australia. 

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.