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Digital Accessibility

Where We've Been

With the help of everyone who is working to create accessible content in their daily work and the implementation of our strategic digital accessibility plan, we've come a long way in our journey toward a more inclusive, accessible digital campus. This list is not a comprehensive history, but the most recent events that have spurred the university's commitment to digital accessibility.

Past Milestones

2020: Digital Accessibility Program Launch

Backed by the university President and led by executives in the Division of Information Technology as well as accessibility experts, implementation of the digital accessibility plan set forth in the Accessibility Road Map begins.

Digital Accessibility Committee Formed

Made up of members from key areas, the Committee meets regularly to discuss resolution of digital accessibility issues and next strategic steps to carry out the effort across the university.

Policy Ratified

An official digital accessibility policy defines compliance at the University of South Carolina.
Policy IT 5.00 - Digital Accessibility [pdf]

Accessibility Website Launched

This site functions as the central hub for all things digital accessibility at the university, including guides and tutorials for creating accessible content, procedures, responsibilities, leadership and contacts, as well as the timeline and progress information you're reading now.

Faculty & Staff Open Forums

The Digital Accessibility Committee hosted a series of webinars to explain the digital accessibility effort and address any questions or concerns.

Campus-Wide Education

The Digital Accessibility Committee met with and presented to groups across campus, including committees, faculty members, digital communicators, compliance groups, colleges and divisions.

Master List Creation

Full inventory of the websites at the university was taken.

Director of Digital Accessibility Search

A position was created, job description posted and interviews conducted to find the university's first Director of Digital Accessibility.

2019: U.S Office of Civil Rights Case Closed

The University of South Carolina closed the case with the United States Office of Civil Rights by remediating the issues named in the complaint, establishing a strategic plan to address future issue and demonstrating an ongoing commitment to improving digital accessibility at the university.

2019: Strategic Digital Accessibility Plan Created

This plan, known as the "Digital Accessibility Road Map" sets forth a continued commitment to constantly improving digital accessibility at the University of South Carolina, including a short-term and long-term plan to ensure all digital content and properties comply with accepted accessibility standards.

2018: Introduction of Blackboard Ally

Blackboard Ally was made available across the university system, allowing all instructors to check their course materials for digital accessibility and fix any issues that would prevent barriers to accessibility.

2018: Remediation of High-Priority Accessibility Issues

Content creators and development professionals from all over the university came together to resolve accessibility issues noted in the complain from the U.S. Office of Civil Rights. Significant accomplishments include the creation of an accessibility-compliant template for all university websites, an accessibility issue reporting form and significant reduction of inaccessible content shared via university digital properties.

2017: U.S. Office of Civil Rights Case Opened

A case was opened through the United States Office of Civil Rights requiring the remediation of the most pressing accessibility issues on university sites and online services as well as the creation of and adherence to a long-term plan for continued accessibility efforts at the university.

2016: Site Redesign Complete, First Accessibility Reviews

Websites associated with now managed via the same content management system, allowing for better consistency and user experience across all sites. Part of this effort included conducting the university's first web accessibility reviews for each division. 

This initiative set the groundwork for what would become the university's accessible website template.

2013: Site Redesign Started

This enormous initiative brought websites associated with, amounting to a massive number of webpages, into the same content management system, allowing for a more consistent and user-friendly experience as well as easier management and oversight of the university's digital content.

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