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Digital Accessibility

Where We're Going

Digital accessibility is forever. To help foster an inclusive digital university, our strategic accessibility plan sets a course that continues well into the future.

2020 (End of Year)

First Yearly Progress Report

The Director of Digital Accessibility, in conjunction with the Digital Accessibility Committee, will author a progress report, outlining where digital accessibility stood at the beginning of the year and the strides that have been made during the course of the. Success will be measured and reported at quantitative and qualitative levels.



Official Training Begins

Beginning with instructors and content creators, those who create, edit or manage digital content and properties for the university will go through required digital accessibility training. 

All New Videos Captioned

Starting in 2021, it will be a university requirement to caption any new video created and shared in association with UofSC.

2022 and Beyond

All New Documents Accessible

All documents, including PDFs, presentations and spreadsheets, shared in association with the university will be made accessible, provide an accessible alternative to the content or be removed as digital content. 

Student Groups' Digital Content

All student groups on campus will have procedures in place for distributing accessible content, including forms and other digital tools used as a course of their activities. These procedures will include a requirement for all organization officers to go through accessibility training and a statement from each organization to include in their governing documents that they will create accessible digital content.

Accessible Digital Signage

All digital signage will have accessibility requirements, either that the sign itself be accessibility compliant and/or that the information communicated via digital signage be readily available in an accessible format elsewhere.

Accessibility Champion Appreciation

The Digital Accessibility Committee will identify and recognize those who repeatedly practice digital accessibility compliance and champion digital accessibility at the university. 

Escalated Training Begins

If an individual or unit repeatedly has significant accessibility issues with their digital content, they may be required to complete additional training or meet one-on-one with the Director of Digital Accessibility.

Other Campuses

Once digital accessibility efforts at the Columbia main campus are set and moving along smoothly, the Digital Accessibility Committee will begin to work with other University of South Carolina system campuses to set any necessary policies, procedures, training or other protocols in place.

Creation of Testing Committee

The testing committee will be made up of people who use assistive technology in their daily lives to help catch digital accessibility issues not previously noted in automated and manual testing by the Director of Digital Accessibility.

New Initiatives

Digital accessibility is ever-evolving. As new requirements or considerations arise, the Digital Accessibility Committee will determine and carry out new needed education or procedural initiatives to do with the digital accessibility effort at UofSC.

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