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Digital Accessibility

Accessibility Liaisons

The liaisons serve as the main accessibility point of contact for their assigned college or division, helping to answer questions about creating accessible content and finding answers to more complex or challenging accessibility issues when they arise.

Our liaisons are invaluable to the success of the digital accessibility program.

Each college or division has at least one accessibility liaison assigned to answer questions and get additional help resolving issues when needed. 


Help Site Managers, Content Creators and Those Working With Digital Content
Respond to questions and investigate more complex issues for those creating, managing, editing or otherwise working with digital properties in the liaison's assigned college or division.

Serve as a vital communication link between the Director of Digital Accessibility, the Accessibility Committee, Digital Strategy and those working with digital content and properties within the liaison's assigned college or division.

Become Accessibility Conversant
Complete accessibility training and stay up to date on developments.

Assume the Voice of Accessibility in the College or Division
Ensure each new digital initiative that the liaison becomes aware of within the assigned college or division complies with accessibility guidelines.

Keep Track of Issue Resolution
Be aware of progress toward accessibility remediation and compliance in the college or division. Document individuals or units who have the most problems and recommend them for further training, if needed.

Check New Projects for Compliance and Alert Director of Digital Accessibility
Ensure the Director of Digital Accessibility is aware of new digital initiatives that come up within the college or division. Conduct a preliminary review for accessibility and endeavor to fix issues found before the Director of Digital Accessibility's official review.

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