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Digital Accessibility

Forms in OU Campus

For sites built and managed in OU Campus, two form options have been approved: forms created directly in OU Campus and those created using Formstack.

Use the form tool provided in OU Campus.

This tool will create forms that automatically provide the baseline accessibility requirements needed for compliance. You will still need to ensure that you are following basic form accessibility requirements.
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Complex Forms

If your form requires choices to change based on what the user selects or document upload, you will need to use the university-approved form creation tool, Formstack. Instructions for Formstack forms are further down this screen.

Explanatory Text for OU Campus Forms

If you need to add instructions or explanatory text for an OU Campus form, it should go on the page itself rather than inside the form. This is because instructions can’t be properly labeled inside the form itself, and any text entered there may be skipped by screen readers.

Creating an OU Campus Form

  1. Hover over the Content tab to select Assets.
  2. Click New and select Form.
  3. Customize your form by writing clear content for the form questions, error messages, and success message.
  4. Click the Create button, then make sure to Publish the asset.
  5. You can now insert the form on your page.
  • The OU Campus CMS, cropped to show the Content tab next to Reports, with dropdown options for Pages, Assets, highlighted in a garnet rectangle, and Recycle Bin.
  • The OU Campus CMS on the Assets page, cropped to show the green New button next to a help link, with dropdown options for Web Content, Plain Text, Image Gallery, and Form highlighted in a garnet rectangle.

Formstack Forms

Formstack is the only third-party form creation tool outside of OU Campus that has been vetted for accessibility. You can use Formstack forms without the need for an accessibility review. 

Formstack Explanatory Text

How you provide explanatory text or instructions for your Formstack form will depend on whether your instructions apply to a single field or the whole form.

Field-Specific Instructions

You should add instructions that only apply to one field as a legend in a field set. If it isn't properly marked as such, screen readers won't be able to read your content in "Forms" mode.

Whole Form Instructions

You should add instructions that apply to the whole form as content on the page, outside of the form. This ensures screen readers do not skip it and that the instructions are read before users begin entering information.

Do Not Use the Signature Block

Unfortunately, the signature block widget in Formstack is not accessible. If you need the person filling out the form to agree to something, you can use a check box instead of a signature.

If a Signature is Required

If you truly need people to sign the form, you will need to make the form printable to comply with accessibility guidelines.

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