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Logo Alt Text

Logos and marks may seem self-explanatory, but they still communicate information and require alt text. Here are some guidelines for describing logos as well as standard alt text for UofSC logos and marks.

Describing Logos and Marks

Every logo needs alt text. UofSC logos and marks have standard alt text, seen in the examples on this page. For all other logos, you will need to write the alt text yourself, so here are a few simple guidelines to follow.

1. Say that the image is a logo.

Since screen readers do not understand the difference between logos and other images, using the word "logo" helps users understand the image's purpose.

2. Include any text in the image.

Like all other types of images, your alt text must include all words in the logo as screen readers cannot access that text in any other way.

3. Follow the standard format.

For logos, the format should always be "[Organization name] logo." 

Is your image also a link?

If your image is a link, it cannot be marked as decorative. You'll need to follow the practices for linked images instead.
Linked Image Instructions »


Examples: Official Alt Text for UofSC Logos & Seals

  •  Formal Logo with Palm and Gates

    Bad Alt Text: logo

    Correct Alt Text: University of South Carolina logo.



  • Primary Logo 

    Bad Alt Text: logo

    Correct Alt Text: University of South Carolina logo.





    Bad Alt Text: monogram

    Correct Alt Text: University of South Carolina monogram.



  •  Unit Logos

    Bad Alt Text: education logo

    Correct Alt Text: University of South Carolina College of Education logo.



  • Athletics Logo

    Bad Alt Text: gamecock logo

    Correct Alt Text: University of South Carolina Athletics logo.



  • University Seal

    Bad Alt Text: seal

    Correct Alt Text: University of South Carolina seal.


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