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Adobe Connect Meetings

Do you have any Adobe Connect meeting recordings you need to save or archive? If so, you’ll need to download all content by December 18, 2020. You will not be able to access content in Adobe Connect after this date. Read over the steps below on how to save your files. 

Steps to Save Adobe Connect Meeting Recordings 

Before you begin, you may need to install the Adobe Connect Add-in on your computer. Please contact your unit's IT support personnel to assist you if needed if you are using a university computer and do not have administrator rights.  

Follow the steps provided in this DoIT Knowledge article. This requires you to play the full meeting recording to be able to save it as a mp4 video file on your computer.

How to Download Adobe Connect Meeting Recordings

If you need to share your video with others, choose a video hosting system or cloud-storage system. Here are a few options linked to instructions on how to upload your videos: 

Please note that Microsoft OneDrive does not caption or transcribe files. If you use this option, you’ll need to provide a separate transcript file for your students.

Videos need to have captioning or a transcript readily available to students. Some video hosting systems (i.e., Microsoft StreamYouTube) will automatically caption videos for you; however, you will need to edit them for accuracy. Using these systems may be the simplest method to produce captions.   

Captioning Options

Best practices are that you write out your script before you record your video. There are several benefits to that, including making captioning easier and more accurate, and helping you organize your lecture narration. 

If you have students with accommodations through Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC) or if you teach distributed learning courses, the Office of Distributed Learning can work with you to caption and make your videos accessible. 

You video hosting system generates a unique URL that you can share within your Blackboard courses. You'll need to check the permissions you'll want to attach to allow public, limited, organizational or password required access. 

How to share videos in these hosting or cloud-storage system:

Please note that Stream and OneDrive might have sharing limitations and may not be shareable outside of UofSC.

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