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Center for Teaching Excellence

College Student Field Work

Integrative Learning Workshops and Events

USC is a leader nationwide in helping students think about how their learning extends beyond the classroom. The Center for Teaching Excellence offers workshops and events that introduce faculty to opportunities to help students make thoughtful connections between the courses they teach and outside the classroom experiences.

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February 2019


This workshop is an elective session for a certificate of completion in Fostering Proactive Learning Environments.

We invite faculty, staff, and students to join us for this informal and informative conversation about expectations of career preparation in the classroom. In this workshop, students and faculty will explore common expectations when it comes to preparing and planning for a career after graduation and what role it does or should play in class. Find out from students themselves what’s working and what’s not when it comes to this crucial topic. In turn, faculty will be able to share what they expect from students. We’ll have a free lunch for everyone!  Register

March 2019

Undergraduate students are often encouraged to think about their future careers or graduate school, yet courses typically offer few opportunities for students to explore these options in-depth. This session will describe how an undergraduate public health course in Fall 2017 provided students the chance to hear from and pose questions to a panel of masters and doctoral students who had been in their shoes only a few years earlier.

Career preparation and postgraduate education remain salient issues for undergraduate students as they strive to make connections between their courses and non-academic activities, all of which take place in a competitive job market. This session will discuss how similar panels could be incorporated into other courses, as well as implications for the day-to-day practice of teaching and student learning. This session will encourage attendees to think critically about how they can be a resource for students not only for course material or research opportunities, but also for their professional development.  Register