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Center for Teaching Excellence

Diversity in the classroom

Diversity and Inclusivity

How do you best reach all of your students, whatever their background or experiences? How do you create a classroom environment that is inclusive and welcoming to all? We have several workshops and events this semester to help.

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January 2018

The Darla Moore School of Business (DMSB) is recognized globally as a top tier business school. Recently, DMSB implemented a challenging Undergraduate Excellence Initiative in which the level of rigor and relevance in course offerings is being greatly enhanced. Growth in the student population at DMSB is occurring in tandem with the need to provide more coverage of relevant subject matter given today’s dynamic, highly competitive global business environment. At the same time, demonstrated proficiency with advanced technologies is an imperative for success in today’s competitive business context. MGMT 371 –Principles of Management is the first step in the students’ journey through DMSB; as such, this Principles of Management course must set the standard with regard to the level of rigor, relevance and engagement required for DMSB students. This presentation will reveal how adaptive learning technology is being employed in a large online section of MGMT 371 to increase student engagement, improve mastery of content and significantly transform the learning environment.  Register

How do you Assess and Assist Students in Crisis workshop is designed to provide faculty valuable information, resources, skills and tips to identify and assist students who may struggle with adjusting to college, academics expectation or performance.   Register

Do you see untapped leadership potential in some of your students? Have you considered that a spark in the classroom may ultimately lead to a students' deeper engagement in learning from research, internships, or other beyond the classroom experiences? While students often make their own choices regarding their beyond the classroom engagement (e.g., research, internships, study abroad), faculty can provide the necessary connection between these experiences and student's major and professional goals. This is especially true as we encourage students to take advantage of all of the opportunities at a major public research university. This session will share our experience in supporting students' professional and leadership development through mentorship and engagement in research, professional practice, and study abroad. We also invite participants to share their experiences and discuss how we can support achieving students' goals.  Register

February 2018

Accelerated Study Plans. Winter Session. Full-time students in the Summer Semester! Come learn how the Office of On Your Time Initiatives in the Provost's Office is helping students graduate on time (and even early!) by taking advantage of multiple opportunities for degree progression. Learn how you and your department can encourage students to stay on track, how you can provide flexible opportunities to assist students in their degree completio, and how other areas of the university are here to help YOU as you help your STUDENTS.  Register

This workshop session will explore ways to improve education for employable professionals in a changing world. It will include:

  • Advocating for teaching and learning scientific understanding
  • Reanalyzing the skills and abilities of a liberal arts education to demonstrate its compatibility with sustainable learning outcomes and market demands
  • Forming meaningful partnerships with local communities   Register

First Generation College students are now, more than ever before, a recognized segment of the student population on university campuses. Have you, as an instructor/professor pondered about the best ways to engage these students who are the first in their families to attend a four year college?  In this interactive workshop, Florencia Cornet will share her experience teaching First Generation College Students, and provide you with tips and strategies on how to cultivate an effective pedagogical style to support high performance and retention of First Generation College Students. Participants will explore interactive approaches, integrative curriculum design, active and collaborative teaching-learning styles and inclusive strategies for teaching First Generation College students. The session will conclude with an informal question-and-answer session focused on participants' take away for their own classrooms.  Register

The Carolina Intercultural Training (CIT) program developed by International Student Services focuses on faculty and staff understanding cross-cultural communication styles and exploring strategies for increasing intercultural competence. This workshop includes information and activities to help navigate common miscommunications between cultures both in the office and classroom setting. Those who complete this program will receive a certificate and an “International Friendly Zone” card. You will leave the workshop better-equipped to provide and promote an inclusive environment on campus for more than 1,800 international Gamecocks. Register

The purpose of this workshop is to provide students and instructors an opportunity to establish clear expectations for faculty and students in facilitating discussions in the classroom. Open and mutually respected discussions in the classroom should allow a variety of opinions and viewpoints to be articulated in a comfortable and safe environment.  Register

March 2018

Educating Every Gamecock - Reaching All Students will explore diversity from the perspective of class content, syllabi development, classroom discussion, course assignments and how cultural assumptions may influence the learning experience for all students.  Register

At the University of South Carolina, we have a diverse group of students entering our learning environments. Students are enrolling into our courses with various characteristics, needs and disabilities; both invisible and visible. It's important for educators to create universally designed, usable and accessible materials that can be accessed and used by a wide variety of individuals. Within this hands-on workshop, you will create an accessible and usable Word document.  Register

Do students in your classroom currently use assistive technology? Do you understand the importance of Assistive Technology for students with disabilities to be successful in the classroom? Do you ever have
students who are struggling in your class that could possibly benefit from Assistive Technology?

In this workshop, Tammy will share the definition of Assistive Technology and explore different types of assistive technology that is available for college students to assist with reading and writing. The session will conclude with an informal question-and-answer session related to the content of the workshop.  Register

Are you ready to move forward on the road to meeting all students’ needs? Learn how you can use the principles of Universal Design for Learning (providing all individuals an equal opportunity to learn) to make your course welcoming and usable for all of your students.  Register

April 2018

Though many institutions have a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of first-generation college students, very few operate these programs as a cohesive unit. This online training is designed to give you a framework for supporting first-generation students that will help you organize your efforts across numerous departments. Included will be methods for helping first-generation students:

  • Find their “college identity” and mitigate separation challenges
  • View their first-generation status as a badge of honor
  • Succeed academically and graduate on time
  • Build a professional resume that will serve them post-graduation

During this online webinar you'll gain strategies for supporting first-generation students across multiple aspects of their collegiate experience.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence and TRIO, this online webinar is presented by Academic Impressions, an organization which serves higher education professionals by providing educational products and services that help institutions tackle key, strategic challenges. Register