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Continuing Education Programs

Adventures in Chemical Oceanography

How can we tell what the sources of pollution are in our coastal oceans? What is eutrophication? What are dead zones and why do they occur? These are all questions you’ll explore in this adventure!

You’ll learn how closely chemistry, physics, and biology are linked in our oceans, and address real world problems using chemistry. You will design experiments to answer the following questions: How does eutrophication affect algae? Can zooplankton counter an algal bloom? How does respiration and photosynthesis influence dissolved oxygen? How does stratification affect dissolved oxygen?

You will have the opportunity to examine a real-world scenario and determine the cause of the problem using your results from the experiments as well as the concepts learned in class!

Program Dates and Audience

  • June 13-18, 2021
  • Rising 9-12 grade students

Program Fees

Choose from:

  • Commuting Scholar - $575
  • Commuting Scholar Plus Evening - $665
  • Residential Scholar - $975

Meet Your Instructor

Holly Westbrook

Holly is a Master of Science candidate studying chemical oceanography. She has ample experience in teaching chemistry of the sea, ocean environments, and chemical oceanography. In addition, Holly has experience working with science outreach as an exhibit interpreter for a non-profit aquarium educating people on marine biology and conservation. 

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